The DeCon’s Fantasy Football Mock Draft v1.0

By now I hope you have all read my Fantasy Football Strategies in a Post-Lockout World rant.  If you haven’t then you might think I am more off my rocker than usual with my first mock draft of the year.  I want to preface that this mock draft is based on rosters as they currently exist today, as in PRE-free agency and is based on a 10-team, PPR league.  Once this lockout is finally lifted and free agency begins, this v1.0 mock draft will drastically change and I will update it with v1.1 and hopefully add a round in v2.0 and yet another in v3.0, but you get the point.  Meet me on the other side for v1.0… 

  1. Arian Foster, RB, Houston - The league’s leading rusher returns with his offense in tact, namely his signal caller, Matt Schaub, which is the primary reason you see him at # 1.
  2. Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota – Okay, AP is that good that despite inexperience at the QB position, he has the track record to remain in the top 2.
  3. Jamaal Charles, RB, Kansas City – Thomas Jones is a year closer to being shown the door and this kid has what it takes to remain in the top 3 fantasy RB discussion for a while.
  4. Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee – Rumors of him holding out, NO QB experience on the current roster and the fact that he is down statistically across the board make #4 the highest I could put him in this mock.
  5. Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay – As much as it pains me, I think Rodgers takes another step in making Gramps a distant memory for Packer fans.
  6. LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia – This is where round 1 gets tricky for me, but you can’t deny McCoy’s ability to be electric in the Philadelphia offense.
  7. Phillip Rivers, QB San Diego – Sure his throwing motion looks silly and he pouts about as well as Jay Cutler, but he got alot out of a rag tag bunch of WRs last year and assuming VJax stays in Sunny D, he could post similar if not better stats.
  8. Matt Forte, RB, Bears – Sure, I am a homer, but there has been a lot of discussion about Forte on our blog.  I happen to believe in him as a player, but also because I think he is going to get every chance to get to at least 300 touches.
  9. Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore – I believe TD vulture McGahee will be released after the lockout is over, which could move Ray Rice up, but right now, he is a solid pick at #9.
  10. Tom Brady, QB, New England – Things get better with age and I think Brady is sensing that he needs to get to another Superbowl pronto and is primed to have a huge year.


Where the hell are these guys?

  • Michael Vick, QB, Philadelphia – Led a lot of leagues in fantasy scoring last year, but another year older and another year for defenses to adjust to him and I predict a drop in his stats.
  • Frank Gore, RB, San Francisco – Scary injury last year; needs to prove he is healed.
  • Steven Jackson, RB St. Louis – Mr. Do It All for the Rams, but he just isn’t getting into the end zone enough for me to put him in round 1.
  • Peyton Manning, QB, Indianapolis – Stud, no doubt about it, but for my money Rodgers, Rivers and Brady are better options for round 1.
  • Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans – See Peyton Manning comment above.
  • Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jacksonville – Rashard Jennings came on strong last year and I fear this could be a dreaded RBBC situation.
  • Michael Turner, RB, Atlanta – Seemed sluggish last year, but definitely could see him going in round 1 of a draft, just not my v1.0 mock.

Alright kids, have at me…

CAN I GET AN AMEN?!?!?!?!?!

The DeCon has spoken, so let it be written, so let it be done…


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  • TomSchwarz

    I know Boomer is going to me for this, but….

    “We have a similar situation in today’s NFL in the case of Matt Forte. His jack-of-all-trades skill set has led to the idea that he isn’t an elite running back (he has no Pro Bowl or All-Pro nominations in his career), but a closer look at the numbers shows that he can actually go toe-to-toe with Adrian Peterson for the title of best running back in the NFC North.”

    I unfortunately don’t have an ESPN Insider pass though to read it all. So I don’t think you are too much of a homer for picking Forte :)

  • DeCon76

    @TomSchwarz nice article Tom, I am an Insider, so I just gave it a read. don’t worry about Boomer, he is generally off his rocker when it comes to fantasy football and he is a crusty old fella who never wants anyone in the league to get paid :-)

  • dhunter

    @DeCon76 Decon, what do you think about bloggers who may use a site to kinda, justify their own picks? Like, maybe if they traded Ray Rice for Forte – would you think they would place Forte above Rice in their rankings?