Bears Trying to Trade Greg Olsen

Greg Olsen’s agent Drew Rosenhaus sent an email to basically the entire NFL, soliciting trade offers for the Bears tight end:

Drew Rosenhaus sent a mass email to the league’s general managers and personnel people at 7:56 p.m. Wednesday night announcing the Bears were making Olsen available for trade. The email went to scores of people, including Bears general manager Jerry Angelo and contract negotiator Cliff Stein.

“The Bears have granted me permission to seek a trade for Greg Olsen,” Rosenhaus wrote. “Please let me know if interested. Sounds like the Bears will be very reasonable on the compensation in return for Greg.”

But 11 minutes later, Rosenhaus sent another mass email to the same recipients, including Angelo and Stein, asking them to ignore his previous message.

“Please disregard my previous email regarding Greg Olsen,” the one-sentence email said.

Brad Biggs speculates that when the Bears saw how large the mailing list was, they asked Rosenhaus to pull back the offer but it appears clear that he had permission to try to swing on deal on his client’s behalf.

There have been questions about Olsen’s status ever since Mike Martz and his “hand on the ground tight end” philosophy came to town.  Olsen was productive last season, including a career game in the playoffs against the Seahawks.

If you can get a third rounder for him AND there is a corresponding move to get a big red zone target wide receiver, I say go for it.  He is entering the last year of his deal and will be looking for a hefty raise.

What do you think?  Should the Bears trade Olsen?  Vote in our poll and hit it up in the Comments section.

Should the Bears trade Greg Olsen?

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  • Mr.Pickles

    My speculation is that Rosenhaus is a scumbag and is looking for some early leverage for contract negotiations by trying to generate some interest in Olsen.

  • TomSchwarz

    The only reasons why I say no to trading Olsen are these 2 things…1) Martz does not stay on teams very long. He may be our OC for another year or two and than leave. And our New OC could very well make Olsen a big play maker.2) Olsen obviously hasn’t been performing much in Martz system. Which greatly lowers his value to the league. Teams won’t give much for him. At least not as much as he’s worth. So we won’t even get anything that good for him.I say keep him, sign a contract next year, and tell Martz he needs to fit his scheme to his weapons and not his weapons to his scheme.

  • RobSchwarzJr

    @TomSchwarz Yes, and reason 3) He is our #1 RedZone target as far as catching the ball goes. Even with a down year in receptions he still had 5TD’s and 1TD in the Post Season. Mike Martz is going to ruin our chances of using Cutler and Peppers in another SuperBowl run!