Breaking: Bears Will Sign WR Roy Williams

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ESPN’s Adam Schefter is reporting that the Bears will sign former Cowboys wide receiver Roy Williams:

An agreement: Chicago is reuniting former Cowboys WR Roy Williams w/ Bears OC Mike Martz, who helped coach Williams to Pro Bowl in Detroit.

When rumors of this deal started bubbling up when the Cowboys cut Williams earlier this week, I have to admit I wasn’t thrilled but my position on this has changed.

First of all, as Schefty points out in his tweet, Roy Williams has been very productive under Martz.  He had his only Pro Bowl season under Martz.  In fact, it was far and away his best season:


G  GS  Rec  Yds  Avg  Lng  TD 
2010 Dallas Cowboys  15 9 37 530 14.3 63T  5
2009 Dallas Cowboys  15 13 38 596 15.7 66T  7
2008 Dallas Cowboys  10 7 19 198 10.4 38 1
2008 Detroit Lions  5 4 17 232 13.6 25 1
2007 Detroit Lions  12 12 64 838 13.1 91T  5
2006* Detroit Lions  16 16 82 1,310 16 60T  7
2005 Detroit Lions  13 12 45 687 15.3 51T  8
2004 Detroit Lions  14 11 54 817 15.1 46 8
TOTAL  356 5,208 14.6 91 42 6 17

*Pro Bowl season under Mike Martz

I think Williams will be more equipped to contribute to the Bears immediately since he comes in with a knowledge of Martz’s system. If the Bears signed another, more high profile guy, he might not be able to get up to speed in the offense as quickly as Williams will.

He’s a big enough target at 6-3 and 215 pounds and he’s the “go up and get it” kind of receiver that Jay Cutler will like.

With limited options remaining at wide receiver in the free agent market, with most of the big names committed elsewhere, the Williams signing should be a good fit.

What do you think of the deal?  Will Williams be a boom or a bust?  Vote in our poll and let’s hear your thoughts in the Comments section.

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  • fcmthocx

    @bearsbuzztap NO!!!!!!!!

  • D_Montgomery88

    @bearsbuzztap why! why did it have to be Roy Williams! ANYONE but roy. i hope his play changes my mind, but his attitude is what worries me

  • RonaldLarson

    I’m ok with this… if they also pick up Mike Sims-Walker. I mean come on, he WANTS to play in chicago, there is no way we can mess that up!

  • SRY0311

    @bearsbuzztap nooooooooooooooooooooo Roy Williams sucks!! Why?! WHYYYYY!

  • RobSchwarzJr

    @RonaldLarson I could not agree with you more! I would love to see them get Sims-Walker or Malcolm Floyd to compliment. Without a solid offensive line it wont matter because Cutler will be constantly running or on his back.

  • Deez

    @RonaldLarson Apparently the Bears also will be signing another Cowboys receiver this afternoon, Sam Hurd. Don’t know too much about him except he is out of Northern Illinois and had a good preseason last year.

  • flowermike

    Boomer, can you explain something to me… or Decon.

    How can our team constantly mention being a run first offense with Martz in charge?

    Why do we sign TE’s that don’t catch, why not just sign offensive lineman?

    Why can’t we develop wide receivers or defensive backfield?

    Is Daniel Manning was our best athlete, why couldn’t we develop him at safety?

    Our entire 2007 draft class is gone, is that a sign of success?

    Olsen traded for 3rd rounder? Why Boom? He was our only somewhat polished receiver, just poorly used.

    Roy Williams? Talk me off the ledge.

    And Kreutz is flirting with the 9ers.

    Will the bears address the offensive line?

    And finally, why on a sports blog do you have pop up ads for women’s jewelry?

  • RobSchwarzJr

    @Deez@RonaldLarson Sam Hurd is not going to help this team win. If anything he will be the new Rasheed Davis! The only good thing about him is he is 26 and 6’3″. Maybe if given a chance he could do something, but I’m guessing they use him like Rasheed or Devin A.

  • BearGogglesOn

    @flowermike I’ll try to address as many of your questions as possible:

    Mike Martz is putting his stamp on this team. Lovie and Jerry are letting him try to do it “his way”. The run first thing is just lip service.

    What we signed are basically offensive lineman that will line up at the TE spot. That’s what Mad Martz likes.

    I think it starts with scouting. Getting the wrong players in here to start with.

    Lovie ruined D. Manning by never keeping him in one spot year to year. Manning did not have the best instincts to play FS.

    There is a post coming about Jerry Angelo and his draft record.

    Olsen wasn’t going to stick around beyond this season. Not enough production for the money he would be seeking:

    Roy Williams is about the best we could expect from the Bears. Did you really think they would go get Sidney Rice? He has had success with Martz. I’m worried about attitude/relationship with Cutler.

    Kreutz will be back. If Bears screw that up, I will be gathering the torches and pitchforks and heading to Halas Hall.

    I am afraid the Bears Plan A failed when Willie Colon took $3 million less to stay in Pittsburgh. Color me concerned.

    And finally, I don’t control the ads (unfortunately). I’ll take it to management. Maybe you buy a little something special for the lady in your life to make it up to her that you’re spending your free time reading this blog. :)

  • Chicago Irish

    Boom – Colon staying in Pitt for less money strikes at a concern I have had for many years about the Bears. I’m 39 and recall my first Bears experience as listening to my Dad yell at Bob Avellini. But…over the years I have seen the Bears continue to lose out in the FA wars. Its seems we either end up with our #2 or #3 or even #4 option…or…we get the top name FA on the downward trend of their skill set hoping we can get 1-2 years of them.

    Maybe my concern is bias, but I have always had a hard time understanding why a FA would not be enticed by Chicago – great sports town, fans, endorsement opportunities, etc, etc.. Yes, I know Peppers was inked last year. But why do we always seem to be on the outside looking in. I know money drives the players these days, so is it simply the fact the Bears organ-eye-zation is not looked upon well amongst the players? Please tell me if my short term memory has forgotten signings that make me sound stupid.

  • Mr.Pickles

    I actually don’t hate this move. I know there were bigger names out there but frankly I wasn’t in love with any of them either. Sidney Rice was the only one I felt could have been in a league of his own; however, with a bum hip I’d be real concerned with how healthy he’s gonna stay for how long. I still feel like this is a net loss with Olsen gone though. I know Olsen never put up the numbers everyone had hoped but did he ever really get the chance to? You can pretty much expect Jerry to waste the draft pick we got for him so I kinda feel like he was traded away for free.

  • Mr.Pickles

    I have heard that the Bears organization has been hard to deal with during free agency. Keep in mind this was a “heard it from someone who heard it from someone” sort of comment and I don’t know what they allegedly do that makes them difficult so take it for what you will. I also feel, with the exception of Peppers, the Bears never seem to land the big ones. Not sure if it’s due to a lack of effort by the Bears or a lack of interest from the players. @Chicago Irish

  • flowermike

    Funny reply boomer, shopping network it is!

    Martz was barely hired, now he’s dictating our personel?

    I think Olsen’s failure is really Martz’s. Considering how many times we’ve bitched about receiving corps, why not line Olsen wide? Now we have essentially one TE that can catch, unproven at that.

    Directly across from this comment is our poll of offseason needs. What is the top concern?

    Blocking tight ends? New 2 million dollar punters?

    Maybe I will have to buy the wife something now that I’m moaning all day long.

  • RobSchwarzJr

    @Mr.Pickles Mr. Pickles, you and I think alike! Angelo is going to waste the 3rd round pick on a guy who wont be on the team after 2-3 years or he will trade it for someone’s garbage. When it comes to Olsen, another reason he never reached his potential is that more often then not he was covered by a corner or a linebacker with safety help. If we had a true #1 receiver to pull the safety away he could have seen more one on one coverage with linebackers. This is when TE’s like Olsen will thrive.

  • flowermike

    Wow, looks like Roy has the most drops per season… Per my sports page link.

  • Obnxs1

    “The 6-3, 215-pounder would bring much-needed size to the Bears’ receiving corps and complement Johnny Knox, Devin Hester and Earl Bennett.”

    Did they really put that in black and white on their website after all the “we like our receivers” kool aid they’ve been shoving down our throats?