Google Knows What Chicago Bears Don’t – Vernon Gholston is a Bust

The Bears made a bunch of signings on Friday, but one stood out for me – Defensive End Vernon Gholston.  The former Jets’ first round draft pick – the sixth pick overall – will join the Bears to be a pass rusher.  Here’s the problem – in three seasons with the New York Jets he has ZERO career sacks.  It’s such a typical Bears move to bring in a pass rusher who can’t rush the passer.  When I heard the name Vernon Gholston, two names came to mind – Michael Haynes and Gaines Adams, rest his soul. Do either of those names inspire confidence?

I decided to do a little research on the former Ohio State product and here’s what came up when I started typing Vernon Gholston into Google and here’s what came up after I hit the space bar after “Gholston”:


Isn’t it bad enough that Jerry Angelo has more bad busts to his credit than a cheesy plastic surgeon, now he bring them in pre-busted? Why draft a bust and wait a few years to confirm if he’s going to bust out?  Now Jerry is just bringing them in pre-certified to save the time.  All he had to do was type his name into Google and he could have had this top secret information.

Angelo sympathizers will point out that it’s a low risk move and it’s worth taking a flier on a once highly regarded prospect.  Under normal circumstances, in a “normal” offseason, I would totally agree.  But in a super-abbreviated, jam packer fire drill of a free agent signing period, minutes and even seconds matter.

The time that Jerry spent on the phone talking to Gholston’s people is time that he should have spent trying to sign Kreutz or another offensive lineman or getting more linebacker or secondary help.  God forbid he brings in a proven, legitimate wide receiver.

The Bears don’t have time for reclamation projects and don’t have time to waste on a guy whose own Google search knows – he is a bust!

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  • jaybandit

    You should keep in mind that this kid was a DE at OSU, and was great in a 4-3 defense. Yes, he was bad at OLB in a 3-4 defense. Perhaps the Jets shouldn’t have assumed they could move him to a different position with good results.Before everyone declares him a bust, I say give him one last chance to play the position he was originally good at in college, and get some coaching from one of the best D-line coaches in the NFL.

  • Mr.Pickles

    First pre-injured now pre-busted, just the way Jerry likes em! Granted there appears to be a genuine upside here but it still concerns me that the current regime’s free agency strategy always appears to be trying to find some crazy hidden untaped talent, which is ridiculous of course since they also seem incapable of developing talent. It’s kind of like Billy Beane’s moneyball only minus the insight, and intelligence, and success. On a side note any Kreutz news? I’m getting a bit nervous.

    On another side note I’m also kind of nervous there haven’t been any Windy Cync posts (I don’t think). Should we start checking all the tallest buildings in Chicago and make sure he’s not on a ledge somewhere?

  • KurtWerner

    Poor analysis and poor argument (Google…. are you serious? Why not quote a blog with 50 followers. That’s a credible source). Three things make this a move worth exploring: First, it IS low risk; second, the Jets did not put him in place to do well as he is a 4-3 DE and not a 3-4 OLB like the Jets used him; and last, the Bears have Rod Marinelli to get him back in pro-form and Julius Peppers on the other side of the line.

  • BearGogglesOn

    @KurtWerner You’re missing the humor/sarcasm in the Google thing. I thought it was funny that when you typed his name in there, the autofill next word was bust.

    Everyone keeps saying that the Jets didn’t put him in a position to succeed. Maybe that’s true, but don’t you think that if this kid was a player he would have gotten even 1 sack in 45 career games? Like one of those oops the quarterback fell down in the backfield and all you have to do is run back and touch him kind of sacks? Anything?

    Gholston played for an aggressive, downhill, attack-oriented Jets defense under a defense (and foot) oriented head coach in Rex Ryan. Do you think he couldn’t coach him up? His old man invented the vaunted 46-defense that a certain team known as Da Bears used to terrorize quarterbacks through the late-80′s.

    As I stated in the post, in a normal year, go ahead and kick the tires. Now, time is of the essence and the Bears should be focused on filling actual needs before taking on a fixer-upper project. Do you think there was going to be a rush to get Gholston at 5:01 PM? Couldn’t that move have been made after other needs were filled???

  • flowermike

    Werner, boomer is right on all counts.

    We have priorities.

    Trading 2 first round picks for Cutler makes protecting him a 3 year priority that hasn’t yet been implemented.

    Angelo’s fascination with first round failures is self fulfilling.

    Once again, we’ll see, but it feels as if our “management” isn’t comprehending our weaknesses.

    Or they could just bring in another 50 undrafted free agents and have their own version of AMerican Ido. Who can we get to MC…. hmmmm….. Larry Mayer?!

  • Obnxs1

    @BearGogglesOn@KurtWerner Looks like Angelo has decided all his own first round busts weren’t enough.