Greg Olsen Compares Himself to Mike Ditka

Part of Jerry Angelo’s press conference today dealt with the Greg Olsen trade.  First, Jerry confirmed a lot of unconfirmed reports that Olsen campaigned for a trade when Mike Martz was hired last offseason:

On Sunday night, after he finished hashing through the decision to move on from center Olin Kreutz, Angelo went ahead and admitted that not only did Olsen seek to be traded shortly after Mike Martz was hired as offensive coordinator, he “came at me hard.”

“I understood it,” Angelo said. “I told him I’d think about it. Greg is a great kid, works his tail off. I said, ‘Greg, no, I don’t see that being in our best interest.’ Again, it’s about the team. And I said, that’s going to hurt our football team. I said, ‘You’re going to have to suck it up, just do your job. You’ve got a contract, we’ve paid you well for your services,’ and he is a professional and he took the high road. I respect that.”

This offseason, Jerry basically told Olsen that the Bears didn’t intend on extending him and he wasn’t part of their long term plans (hey, that sounds familiar), leading to this nugget:

“This year was different,” Angelo said. “We’re really not looking for Kellen Winslow. We’re looking for Mike Ditka. So, the tight ends we have now really fit more the profile we want for our offense. It’s no more than that.

Sean Jensen posted that quote to his Twitter feed and Greg Olsen responded:

Where do I begin?  First, the closest Greg Olsen will get to Mike Ditka is if he goes out and paints himself orange and grows a mustache.  I like Greg, but he doesn’t have the toughness or heart of Da Coach from his playing days.  If he did, maybe he would have lived up to his lofty draft status.

As for the Bears clueless GM, Ditka is a Hall of Fame tight end for revolutionizing the tight end position and making it a pass catching threat, where it had previously been primarily a blocking position.  As the GM of the Bears, I would have thought that Jerry would understand that.  Then again…

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  • RobSchwarzJr

    Okay, I definitely would not compare Greg Olsen to Mike Ditka. I’m not sure if I’d even say he’s Kellen Winslow. Now I do applaud him for showing some kahones and making that statement. Maybe if he showed more of that he’d still be in Chicago. What makes even less sense though is Jerry Angelo’s comment. Does he really believe the TE’s they have in place now are comparable to Mike Ditka? To me, Olsen was closer to Ditka than if all of these TE’s were one player. If Olsen was that far off from Ditka, then these guys are not even in the conversation.

  • Obnxs1

    “We’re really not looking for Kellen Winslow. We’re looking for Mike Ditka. So, the tight ends we have now really fit more the profile we want for our offense.”

    I’m speechless…

  • flowermike

    Rob, they’re scratching for scapegoats….

    They hired the only O coordinator who would take the job. A coordinator who runs a system completely opposite of the company line. Now with who knows how much time left with said coordinator, they’re making roster moves based on a premise that can’t work. Why?

    Because they can’t block long enough for Jay to throw.

    Yes Rob, it’s that simple. We invested 2 first round picks on a potentially great qb and have given him NO protection and now, fewer targets.

    Unless the Dallas reclamation project suddenly blossoms. But you still have to block.

    Olsen had strengths that this staff could never game plan. Everyone loses. Again.

    That’s the rub about these reclamation projects…. we can develop our own guys, how do we expect retreads to develop themselves?

    We should have fired the entire organization when we knew there was going to be a lock out. Perfect time for new bodies to assess the team and get a new program going.

    Now and Old Defense will prop up a struggling offense and Jay is still running for his life.

    But Jerry Saved Virginia money…. his only priority.

  • flowermike

    Sorry for all the grammar errors and spelling stuff, you guys know what I meant.

    I’m so livid, I can’t type.

  • austichi

    There is talk on twitter of the Bears having signed Anthony Hargrove of the Saints… they’re fairly upset. Positive move by JA if true. Defense will be stout this year – would still like to make a run at Asante Samuel on that side of the ball.

  • flowermike

    @austichi Asante Samuel? Day dream believing, yes?

    spend the money on the offensive line before it’s too late.

    Maybe Chicago should institute a city wide mantra….. “Keep Jay Upright”

  • Mr.Pickles

    @austichi Wikipedia is already updated, so it must be true! As much as I would love to see Samuel in Chicago I have a feeling the asking price will be a bit too high.

  • Obnxs1

    I take it back, I’m not speechless. I was just dumbfounded and couldn’t decide which one of the idiots was dumber. Then I figured with his total body of work; Angelo leaves Olsen in the dust.

  • austichi

    @flowermike The Samuel pickup is a desire within the constraint of what still needs to be done on the OL… near every guy I thought to be a target has been signed with their original team or another. Who is still a realistic option at this point in time?

    Not to suggest we keep cherry-picking Dallas cuts, but Leonard Davis may be an affordable and competent veteran pickup.

    I think the Bears should toss a number at Philly – no harm to test the market for a game changer.

  • Mr.Pickles

    I flipped back to a post of Boomer’s from a few weeks ago for some statistical proof on how awful Manumaluwhateverhisnameis was and realized Spaeth is also on the wrong side of that list as the 4th worst pass blocking tight end. Apparently the profile Jerry is shooting for is one that will set the season record for sacks allowed.