Brandon Marshall's Accuser Has Gone Into Hiding

Christen Myles, the former San Diego State hoops player who was allegedly punched in the face by Brandon Marshall, has gone into hiding according to her roommate.

This from the NY Post:

Police are reviewing surveillance video from the Marquee nightclub to determine if NFL superstar Brandon “The Beast” Marshall punched a Manhattan woman there Sunday night.

Christen Myles, 24, a former hoops player at San Diego State University, told cops the 6-foot-4, 230-pound receiver punched her in the face.

Myles, meanwhile, was a no-show at a meeting with detectives yesterday, sources said. A roommate said Myles has gone into hiding.

Gone into hiding?  What does that mean?  Let’s discuss after the jump.

One reason is that Myles lied to the police and is afraid to go face the music.  Did Myles, who moved to New York to pursue a career in media, mislead police?

Another might be that someone not at all related to this blog,  the Chicago Bears or Drew Peterson get to her to shut her up.  Is there a payoff in the works?  When you invest two third round draft picks and nearly $10 million a season, you have a reason to protect that investment from prosecution and possible suspension.

Marshall has vehemently denied any wrongdoing and stated he would be cleared.   What do you think? Is Myles’ silence a coincidence or a little suspicious?


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  • jrstaples1

    Orrrrr….she is the one who hit Mrs Marshall with the bottle, got jacked in the face for it, and now the police want her for initiating the whole thing. 

  • TomSchwarz

    As a buddy of mine said.  “Phil Emery had her kidnapped and killed, and that’s the kind of GM Chicago needs”.

  • BearGogglesOn

     @TomSchwarz I keep thinking back to the line from The Untouchables, “That’s the Chicago way!” 

  • BearGogglesOn

     @jrstaples1 Duh!  That’s an obvious point I should have put up there.  Don’t know if that would get Marshall off the hook if he was the one doing the jacking, but it makes sense.  She was celebrating her 24th birthday and was probably hammered too. 

  • Mr.Pickles

    I don’t believe in coincidence. Tell you what else is definitely not a coincidence: the fact this chick waited four day to speak with detectives, and when she did she went with a renowned personal injury attorney in tow.

  • deepsix

    I would assume since they have video and haven’t pressed any sort of charges on him yet that he’s good to go.

  • BearGogglesOn

     @deepsix Saw something that Goodell might take a look at this even if there are no charges.

  • BearGogglesOn

     @Mr.Pickles Good point!

  • deepsix

    I should have specified that I meant legally. I also fear that he will step into it. I’m just hoping in this case, since it looks so god awfully sketchy, that he will not see a good enough reason for suspension.