Apr 27, 2012; Lake Forest, IL, USA; From left Chicago Bears general manager Phil Emery and first round draft choice Shea McClellin and head coach Lovie Smith pose for a photo during a press conference at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-US PRESSWIRE

Bears Draft Grade: Through 2 Days: Emery Gets Poor Grade with Questionable Picks

I am trying really hard to believe in Phil Emery.  Maybe I’ve been jaded by years of Jerry Angelo.  Heck, maybe I’ve just become jaded as a Bears fan period.  It’s hard not to be critical of the first three picks in the Phil Emery era.  I’m not sure if Phil is trying to “show off his geniusness [sic] or if he’s trying to zig when everyone thinks he should zag.  Let’s look at each of the picks and break them down.

Shea McClellin

Isolated from the other picks that Emery made on Day 2, I wasn’t quite as steamed as a lot of Bears fans with this pick, but looking at it along with his Day 2 picks and I’m getting a little worried.  The Bears chose McClellin when they could have gone with a couple of the top offensive linemen out there, like Riley Reiff or David DeCastro.  They could have taken a more highly touted prospect like Chandler Jones or Whitney Mercilus.  It was a red flag to me that as soon as the Bears drafted McClellin, the Patriots traded up to take Jones.  Aren’t we supposed to be modeling out drafts from a successful organization like them?

Alshon Jeffery

The Bears had Jeffery ranked as the third wide receiver on their board and didn’t feel like he’d drop too much more, so they traded up a few spots to select him at #45.  He’s shown that he can be productive, but he’s also shown that he can mail it in.  When he’s most compared to Lions’ former draft bust Mike Williams, it raises some red flags.  The Bears had a chance to take LSU WR Reuben Randle, whom the Super Bowl Champion Giants snapped up at the end of the round despite having a pretty deep wide receiver pool.  Jeffery represents a high risk, high reward guy for Emery and the Bears.  He could present matchup nightmares with Brandon Marshall or he could gain another 20 pounds and try to play tight end.

Brandon Hardin

Here’s the pick that really got my goat.  The Bears have been drafting safeties in perpetuity as long as Lovie has been around.  It means they just can’t seem to get it right.  Maybe Emery came in to show the brain trust how it’s done and grabbed the next Mike Brown.  Or maybe he took Al Afalava, Part II.  He was a big hitter who was supposed to stabilize the safety position for the Bears.

Hardin gets such low marks because while the Bears could use a bump in production from that position, I think there are other positions of greater need.  With OT Bobby Massie sitting there with a big 2nd round grade on him, the Bears chose a safety.  With needs a DT and CB, they passed on guys with pretty high grades – and good values for the third round – and chose another safety with a history of injuries, including missing all of last season with a bum shoulder.

Overall, I’ll give Phil a generous C- in this draft through 2 days.  He addressed areas of need, but did so with guys who may have slid further down or guys who don’t project to be as good as their draft position would indicate.

What grade do you give Emery so far?  Does he get a little equity since he’s done well in Free Agency?

What grade do you give Phil Emery for the first 2 days of the Draft?

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I’m not giving the all too easy answer of “Incomplete”.  That’s true for everyone.

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  • Obnxs1

    C’mon, man!  F isn’t really an option since he could trade away everything and pick 15 guys in the 7th round and probably still hit more than Angelo.  But this draft was just plain stupid.  Quit yer pussyfootin’ around and lower it already.  You know you want to…

  • http://www.beardownone.blogspot.com/ Beardownone

    Everyone around the Bears seem to be sold on their offensive line. That includes Mr.Emery. Now I’m not so sure they are

    wrong. If you look at how they performed
    BCWD they improved a lot. Now let me be
    clear I think they should have taken Riley
    Reiff with 19 but I’m willing to overlook that
    especially after hearing that the Patriots
    and Packers really wanted this guy. But
    that being said I’m a little disappointed that
    if they made the move ahead of the Jets
    they could have had Stephan Hill who I
    think will be the better receiver. The safety pick is silly that I’ll give you. I may be
    drinking the blue and orange kool-aid a bit but with Tice running things maybe they will be putting the line in a better position to succeed plus I have a feeling with all the moves they have made in that area points to Chris Williams moving back to tackle. A move that is scary I know. I guess we will see soon though. I know they say it takes three years to judge a draft but I think we will have a pretty good idea early with this years.

  • YDZ2423

    You are seriously an idiot

  • http://www.beardownone.blogspot.com/ Beardownone

     @YDZ2423  that may be the case but the numbers don’t lie.  Through 10 games last year Cutler was sacked 23 times compared with the 26 times Hannie and McCown got sacked in 6 games.  But there is more to it, during the 5 game winning streak Curler was sacked only 4 times with two of the games not getting sacked at all.  Further more the first two games of the season he was sacked 11 times and the last 8 he played in he was sacked 12.  So I may be an idiot but you can not tell me that they did not improve while Cutler was healthy.  Not to mention that the Bears rushed for 2,015 yards last season the most since 1991.  So I guess that makes you the idiot

  • Liquidwolverine

    The main difference between last year and this year is the offensive coordinator. “@Beardownone” is correct, the offensive line did improve while Jay was healthy, plus we added a guard to the roster and we are going to get out RT back.
    With all that in mind, Mike Tice knows what his Offensive Line is capable of doing, and what it is not. He knows how to make necessary adjustments if need be as well. His offensive plan doesn’t revolve around hoping his offensive coordinator can meet his needs for his type of offense.
    Therefor, I have no doubt in my mind, that Mike Tice will have this Offensive Line good to go, and Da Bears offense will be more explosive than we have Ever Seen them Ever throw the AIR!

  • Liquidwolverine

    Yes I would have liked to see the Bears pick a DT instead of a DE, but in my opinion, I think this kid might be versitle enough to eventually be a decent LB. I was kinda scratching my head when I saw them draft him, but after watching his film, the kid has great awareness! He is highly recommended from his team, and is a hard worker. Something in Chicago we always appreciate is a Hardworker. Someone who may not be “Great”, but always comes out and gives 110% every game.

  • Liquidwolverine

    A couple of typos, “our RT back” and “Mike Tice’s offensive plan is not concerened with “hoping” his Offensive Line Coach can make his plays work. He is not working around an Offensive Line Coach, he has his hand in it. (I think this makes more sense than what I wrote earlier, but you get it)

  • BearGogglesOn

     @YDZ2423 I don’t mind being called an idiot, but the least you could do is support your thesis. 

  • kengrad

    I think everyone has either alluded to or hit the nail on the head when talking about the offensive line; They will be much better w/o Martz.
    Just real quick these are the reasons I am not at all worried about the line now.
    1) audibles, Something cutler wasn’t allowed to call under Martz.
    2) won’t be doing Martz’s 7000 step drops.
    3) TEs won’t be treated as receivers only, so they will be used more in the blocking
    4) a legitimate 1 WR threat that defenses didn’t have to account for and could focus more on rushing the passer/stopping the run. also keep in mind that while the accurate ending point for the bears offensive success was when Cutler when down, The starting point for the bears offensive success was when Bennet came back; These two WRs together will be dangerous.
    As far as the defensive picks I like that every time you see them going in for a tackle they are aware of the ball and trying to knock it loose. Given that I think they have the right mind set for this defense and I look for a couple of turnovers forced by these rookies.
    Finally given that I’m not overly concerned with the offense and like the rookies’ attitudes, I voted the draft a B do far.

  • metallicamatt10

    3) tight ends were supposed to block more in martz’s system. That’s why Olsen was traded, he didn’t fit cuz he couldn’t block well. I’m not worried about Shea McClellin. If he can’t do DE he could definitely go LB but I would’ve liked to see a left tackle in the 2nd round

  • zombielogic

    Now that the draft is over I have only two words for Jay Cutler: start running. He’s in big trouble. Maybe the Bears can have a third straight season end when Cutler gets injured. Ridiculous. http://www.zombielogicblog.blogspot.com/2012/04/chicago-bears-2012-draft-my-evaluation.html

  • kengrad

     @metallicamatt10 You are absolutely right. What I was was trying to illustrate was that going off of martz’ philosophy that he would rater just put a wr out there rather then have a TE go out for a pass, So I think he was often burnt trying to get by without fielding a TE on passing plays.  When he was using them to block he was using them poorly in the blocking scheme originally.  When cutler was really getting beat up it had to do with them putting kellen davis one on one with DEs

  • flowermike

    No one thought that both De castro AND Reiff would still be there.  And we reach for a small ‘tweener” end? 
    Injured Safety???  Not only another safety, but injured? He should be ready for camp though, so reassuring.
    Tight end… I’ll admit, not having Olsen still stings so I”ll recuse myself from criticizing this pick. It’s not Emery’s fault, but it is Lovie’s. 
    Two corners…..? Who knows right? Late round picks on a depleted secondary. One can only hope. 
    The Offensive Line was our biggest need and we’re pretending that the scheme change will paint lipstick on 5 pigs. 
    I agree with Zombielogic. 
    Did you guys see what Pittsburgh did in the draft?
    That’s why they are Pittsburgh and we are the Cubs. 

  • Phil_X

    I like what they did when you add to it all of the off-season signings providing more depth and flexibility going into the draft. For once the bears addressed needs with players that have high ceilings. I’ve never felt that way after an Angelo draft. I also very much like the Jefferys pick with Hill and Floyd gone. So often we see high draft picks flame out, just like you see 5-star recruits flame outs in college. I think these were picks with high upside and lower risks than most. Grading drafts is pointless. Unfortunately, we have to wait and see, but I will take Emery’s offseason moves and this draft over all the fcrap Angelo put us through.