Create a Caption: Jay Cutler Flips the Bird

Jay Cutler and Kristin Cavallari enjoy a nice stroll in Chicago (H/T Terez Owens)

Just when you thought it was safe to like Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler, he goes out and acts like an ass.  There’s really no other way to put it. Jay isn’t a stranger to the F-bomb, as TV cameras caught him with a special message to offensive coordinator Mike Martz.

I guess I’d be pissed if someone was snapping pics of me and my reality TV baby mama while we’re out to walk our toy dog.  Then again, the millions of dollars that were being thrown my way to play a game would probably make up for some of the ire.

Hit the jump for a couple more shots of JC saluting a Chicago shutterbug who may or may not have been Mike Martz.

Jay expresses his frustration with astronomical parking fees in downtown Chicago.

And my favorite, complete with yappy dog, which will require your captions:

Be creative with your captions and post them in the Comments.


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  • TomSchwarz

    I really see nothing wrong with this.  Yeah, Jay makes millions of dollars and he does so to play football.  Not to appease a paparazzi jack ass who is trying to make a buck off of a photo.  $10 says Brian Urlacher would LOVE to do this, but won’t, because he’s worried that people will take his annoyance of a pestering fly to some level that makes him look “bad for the team”.  Or some bullshit. If anything, I like Jay more for it now. Also, you’ll notice that in every picture Jay is shielding Kristin from the photos.  I bet that the photographer was nagging her for a picture of her belly, she said no, so being the dick head paparazzi that he is, went about trying to take a picture anyways.  Jay kept getting in front of the camera, annoyed, and started flipping the bird.If he does it in the stadium and it’s directed at his fans, I’ll be the first to blast him for it.  Flipping off some asshole with a camera that won’t leave him alone?  My insult goes to the asshat with the camera. 

  • TomSchwarz

    Also, as for the caption…”Screw you.  The shelter said it was a pit bull”. 

  • PauloHenriqueBrasil

    Ditka Would be Proud. You go Cutty

  • DannyBiegel

    Hey everyone, Kristen and I are having a baby boy…

  • UCF_Bear

    “7-Step drop this Martz.  4 from the dog, 2 from and a Wild Turkey on the house!”
    For those that don’t understand the Wild Turkey reference: 

  • UCF_Bear

    “7-Step drop this Martz.  4 from the dog, 2 from me and a Wild Turkey on the house!”
    For those that don’t understand the Wild Turkey reference: 


  • UCF_Bear

    1. “I’m sorry, are you referring to THESE Packers?”
    2. “Hey Charles Woodson, Brandon wanted me say hello.”
    3. “Can’t get fined for Orange shoes in the off-season dicks!”
    4. “Are you referring to THIS hair?”

  • UCF_Bear

     @TomSchwarz +1

  • RyanWendt1

    @bearsbuzztap umm… Leave the man and his family be? Try that for a shocking alternative to hounding them to death.

  • Dragonbyte

    ” This is for the bottom feeders who thinks this is sports journalism. ” 

  • arfanakram

    “Get your own bitch”

  • BearGogglesOn

     @Dragonbyte I am sure you’re not talking to ME, are you????

  • TomSchwarz

    I gotta admit, I love his face on that last picture with the dog.  Great expression

  • BearGogglesOn

     @TomSchwarz I hear ya Tom, but you can shield Kristin without the finger.   Just when Jay seems to have his reputation rehabilitated, this stuff gets out there. 

  • BearGogglesOn

    “I’ll get you my pretty… and your little dog too.”

  • Obnxs1

    Yea, you can shield her all day long and not flip the bird but those shots never make the “media”. More likely the guy had been hounding Cutler for awhile before the bird came out and was doing everything he could to get the reaction. Otherwise he’s got nothing but worthless photos. So by all means keep disseminating this bottom feeder’s message and create a market for his crap.

  • Beardownone

    yes it was this thumb it is all better now

  • Beardownone

     @BearGogglesOn  to be honest I could care less what his reputation is.  A lot of sports figures had great reps but in reality are jerks.  I like the fact that Cutler is what he is and does not hide it.  Tiger Woods was this great guy before all his laundry got aired.  And a lot of others too.  So I say Jay be Jay who cares what anyone thinks

  • BearGogglesOn

     @Obnxs1 Actually heard an interesting point on the radio this morning about this.  By flipping the bird, the story becomes bigger and the photos are actually worth more.  Chance are I wouldn’t have picked up on this if someone just posted photos of JC and KC out for a walk.  Actually, I probably would have just because of Jay walking that silly little dog.

  • TomSchwarz

     @BearGogglesOn And I’m sure he initially did shield Kristin without a finger.  And then the guy probably followed them for 5 city blocks still pestering them for a photo.All I’m saying is that I don’t blame him one bit, and I don’t see anything wrong with him flicking off the press.  But, then again, I hate the press.  And I don’t mean your blog that posts an opinion about what’s going on, or planned photo shoots or anything like that.  I’m talking about the TMZ mother fuckers who spend their days and nights following people around trying to do their best to annoy the hell out of whomever they are photographing in hopes of catching them “slipping up” and giving them the finger.  That way their $100 photo of Kristin’s belly turns into a $500 photo of Kristin’s belly with “Bad Boy” Jay Cutler giving the finger.  Slap on a headline that says “If Jay really ready for fatherhood?” and then a 2 paragraph piece about how it’s wrong for him to flick people off or some bullshit.I say keep that finger raised high Jay.  Just don’t throw it at the fans in the stadium. 

  • TomSchwarz

     @Beardownone  @BearGogglesOn I agree Beardownone.  Also, look at Brett Favre.  A “great guy” who sends pictures of his penis to everyone.

  • TomSchwarz

     @BearGogglesOn  @Obnxs1 I didn’t noticed that you had already agreed that the finger made the photo worth more when I wrote my response down at the bottom.I just love his facial expression in that last photo.  His eyes and face actually look soft and caring, and then you see the finger and realize that the face was just a mockery.  And then the photo become hilarious.I gotta say, the more I hear about Jay, the more I like him. 

  • jrstaples1

     @BearGogglesOn This stuff didn’t just “get out there.” Some paparazzi provoked the couple and then selectively revealed the pictures that show Jay at his worst/angriest. The public then believes this is who he is, when in reality, I’m sure the photographer has 50 more pictures of Jay/Kristen reasonably asking him/her to stop. 

  • ElmerMun

    “We’re number one okay, let’s get that straight right off the bat….Secondly….oops, wrong finger…..”

  • E$

    “We’re number one okay, let’s get that straight right off the bat….Secondly….oops, wrong finger…..”

  • bbsam

    I got a HOT CHICK, a BEAST WR, millions of $$$$, a baby on the way, and got rid of Martz…and I’m supposed to care if you like me?  As Vice President Cheney would say, “Go f*** yourself.”

  • Obnxs1

    @BearGogglesOn Exactly my point. “JC enjoys walk with cute dog and KC” accompanied by a couple tasteful and respectful photos sells nothing. “JC still a dick” with photos of him flipping the bird goes national.

    Personally, with all the crap pro athletes do on a daily basis; the fact that the best the “media” can come up with is that JC is a dick should have Bears fans jumping up and down. Hell, we could have a serial rapist under center.

  • vrquinton

    Say hello to my little friend! Not that one, this one!

  • Bearskin

    THIS . . . is my pet Jaybird.

  • nanor6

    Have a friend who saw Cutty in a walgreens. Some guy walks up to him and asks for help. Cutty helped the guy out and made nothing of it. My friend goes up to the guy and said ” do you know who that was?” Dude had no idea, cause he was from another country. After hearing that I no longer belive any bs said about Cutty…. BEAR Down!!

    • Boomer

      For every story like your friend’s, I hear stories about JC acting like a jag. We all have bad days, but unfortunately his get plastered all over the web.