Chicago Bears Stripper Pole Tailgating Fail

Since Public Service Announcements seem to be all the rage with the Bears these days, I’ll throw out a PSA of my own.  Ladies, if you’re attending the Bears game, do NOT climb onto a stranger’s makeshift stripper pole.  Gentlemen, do a better job with said makeshift stripper pole and with your scouting of talent to perform on such devices.  If you don’t, this could happen.

Stay classy Bears fans!

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  • Justin Stewart

    That is friggin’ funny.

  • John Mack

    That’s good advice Boom, you sir, are a real American hero! Watching out for the kids.

    • BearGogglesOn

      That’s one to grow on.

  • Phil_X

    Hey Boomer, any chance you’ll be in Arlington for the Bears v. Cowgirls Oct 1? If so, hit me up.