Bear Goggles On is Giving Away a Verizon Wireless Droid RAZR HD

It’s the season of giving and in true holiday spirit, we’ve got our biggest giveaway EVER!  Thanks to our friends at Verizon Wireless and the awesome VZWFans program that I’m participating in, I’ve been given a brand spanking new DROID RAZR HD to give to one of my readers.

But wait, there’s more.  To help you properly accessorize this awesome phone, the fine folks are Verizon are throwing in a $50 gift card that can be used to be a case, car dock or pay next month’s bill.

Here are just some of the amazing features for the RAZR HD:


A single charge keeps DROID RAZR HD powered up for an eye-opening 24 hours of performance. Take in up to 7 hours of your favorite YouTube HD shows, or listen to 20 hours of your favorite streaming music. Surf the web at 4G LTE speeds for 6 hours. And that’s just for starters—use SMARTACTIONS™ to get even more hours of fun. Bottom line: Stop searching for the charger and start having more fun.


DROID RAZR HD’s 4.7″ HD display delivers vibrant visual clarity—the kind you’d expect from an HDTV. Better resolution means easier to read texts, web pages, magazines and books. Deeper colors for viewing photos and videos in more true-to-life color. And a smoothness that draws you into the movie thrills like never before. None can deliver it in a smartphone this compact. On DROID RAZR HD there’s always something good to watch. (Hint – NFL Mobile! for Red Zone channel and all the prime time games!)


At a mere 8.4mm thin DROID RAZR HD is the world’s most compact 4.7” smartphone. Yet it still has more features, more battery, and more detail-dripping display than competing LTE smartphones. Turn-by-turn directions, voice-activated text messaging, up to 24 hours of performance, and a full 4.7” of high def viewing area, all in a phone as thin as half a deck of cards. DROID RAZR HD—it’s design innovation from every angle.


With advanced camera technology built into the DROID RAZR HD, taking high quality photos on the go has never been easier. Take vibrantly colored HDR photos, razor-sharp HD 1080p video, panorama, multi-shot, slow-motion, and much more. You’ll be ready to capture the perfect shot every time.

Check out all the awesome specs of the RAZR HD here.

“So how do I enter this awesome contest?” you ask.  It couldn’t be easier.  Just post a Comment at the bottom of this post telling me which awesome feature of the new Droid RAZR HD will most help enhance your sports experience or post a Packers joke or predict the Bears record over the last 4 games .  Honestly, the comment doesn’t matter as long as you make one.   Winner will be selected at random, so anyone can win this awesome prize pack.  Contest ends next Friday, so Comments must be submitted by 7PM CST on Friday December 14, 2012.  We want to make sure you get the RAZR HD before the Mayan calendar expires so you can capture the end of the world in dazzling HD.

Now for some boring rules.  Contest is limited to adults 18 and over in the US.  (Sorry, even though the RAZR HD is a global phone, you must be in the US to win).   Please limit to one comment per e-mail address, Twitter or Facebook ID.  As you might know, there are a bunch of sports bloggers out there who are also participating in the same contest.  While we can’t stop you from entering on multiple sites, we do kindly request that you don’t “double dip” and enter on a bunch of sites.

Thanks for participating in this fantastic promotion.  I can personally attest after using one of the newest Droid products over the last two months that these phone and the Verizon Wireless 4G service are second to none!

Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Wireless Midwest Fans program and have been provided with a wireless device and five months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.

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  • Jarrod Weishaar

    I don’t know why I’m best friends with a Packers fan. Maybe cuz we can drink and talk crap about each other’s team without fights, but he’s still a damn cheesehead regardless.

  • Renae Wetterling

    I was born and raised in WI it was pure hell being a Bear fan among all those cheeseheads. It still is even though I no longer live there. They text you and email you all kinds of nasty crap. I could use the phone to post I hate the Packers pictures I dig up on the internet. I just want the Bears to beat the Packers everytime we play. I truly hate them Packers.

  • Freddy Qaqish

    I say we win the next 2 and loseto the lions. I love that HD and LTE great for watching NFL Mobile! Bear Down!

  • DiGz76

    The Bears will go 2 – 2 over the final 4 games. (Hopeful thinking)

  • Jennx

    Here’s a Packer’s joke: Clay Matthews! He’s a ‘roid infested sissy bitch with purty blonde flowing locks :-P

    • DiGz76

      That’s actually a packer truth!

  • lungbuster80

    Go Bears!

  • Dan Krueger

    Increased resolution

  • Jennifer Buchanan


  • Steve Cav

    I don’t have enough battery life on my phone to tweet about the Bears and keep up with my fantasy teams! Help me Bear Goggles!!

  • Shaun Chambers

    I would love a new VZW phone

  • Andrew

    I’m all in for that battery!

  • tiffanystone

    hd graphics and lte speeds!

  • Ali

    I love the fact that i can talk & surf at the same time on the Droid Razr HD ! + the Widgets on Android let me customize the experience !

  • RevJeff

    Actually, Matthews shows everyone that with a little determination and gallons of hgh that fetal alcohol syndrome can be overcome. Seriously have you seem how close together his eyes are?!? You show em clay!

  • rob krajcik

    great scrren

  • Matt Snyder

    HD Video for NFL mobile? Yes please.

  • Phil_X

    I could have used this phone to post some awesome pics of with all those crying cowboys fans when I was there watching the bears destroy their stupid qb and team. Those pics would have been sent to Bears Goggles On! Thanks for the phone guys!

  • Dan Bekas

    New phone would be nice but a Bears team that can win on Sunday would be better.

  • Guest

    Would be a good upgrade from the original droid RAZR.

  • Ryan Snow

    Puck the Fackers!

  • Matt

    If I had the Droid Razr, I would’ve been able to spend more time searching for a sweet Packers joke instead of this boring comment.

  • Rhydian

    If I had the DROID razr my battery wouldn’t be near dead….

    How can you tell a woman from an offensive lineman in Green Bay?

    The offensive lineman is the one not wearing a bowling shirtm

  • Adam

    You have the best bears blog around, I check it multiple times a day, and can’t wait for the Bears to make there deep run in the playoffs.

    • BearGogglesOn

      Flattery will get you nowhere, but I appreciate the kind words.

  • Laurie

    The battery life is amazing. My phone dies within a few hours.

  • Po Chang

    Battery life – one less thing to worry about so you can fully enjoy the game!

  • An7

    The feature that interests me is the HD screen & it’s size. Watching the Bears take down the pesky packers in HD (while on the go!) would be spectacular!

  • Santee Jack

    A Bears fan liked to amuse himself by scaring every Packers fan he saw strutting down the street in an obnoxious green & gold shirt. He would swerve his van as if to hit them then swerve back just missing them.
    One day while driving along, he saw a priest. He thought he would do a good deed, so he pulled over and asked the priest, ‘Where are you going, Father?’
    ‘I’m going to give Mass at St. Francis church, about two miles down the road,’ replied the priest. ‘Climb in, Father. I’ll give you a lift!’ The priest climbed into the passenger seat, and they continued down the road.
    Suddenly, the driver saw a Packers fan walking down the road, and he instinctively swerved as if to hit him. But, as usual, he swerved back onto the road just in time.
    Even though he was certain that he had missed the guy, he still heard a loud THUD. Not knowing where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors but still didn’t see anything.
    He then remembered the priest, and he turned to the priest and said, sorry Father, I almost hit that Packers fan.’
    ‘That’s OK,’ replied the priest ‘I got him with the door.’

    • Gary Schaber

      That was a great joke,I loved it!

  • Brian B.

    Definitely battery Life. When you’re hanging out in Nashville with 30,000 other Bears fans for days before a game, who has time to sleep much less plug in and charge a phone.

  • Riley Balduf (my old man and his buddies)

    Packers are going down on Sunday. I can feel it, i got Bears fan in the blood.

  • mmattucc

    Bears fans can utilize the Razr’s advanced camera features to take one last photo of the expression-less Lovie Smith on the sidelines in what will be his final season as the head coach of the Chicago Bears.

  • Marcin

    Da Bears!

  • Garrett

    Shout out to the Bears going 2-1 to close out the season

  • Vinny

    I think the how thin the phone is and the HD display is awesome. I love watching video on my phone so the HD display will definitely enhance my experience.

  • dbl j

    My Phone needs an upgrade so I can get service at Soldier Field for a change….

  • Will C

    Go Bears!!!

  • Jordan Campbell

    I’m a college student, and I am an aspiring writer. There is no question that my cell phone needs to be my best friend. The Droid Razr would allow me to stay connected to twitter, tumblr,instagram, facebook; in addition to all the latest information an apps to stay informed on the Chicago Bears, Chicago Cubs, Chicago White Sox, and Chicago Bulls. The battery of the Droid Razr would also allow me to stay connected throughout the entire day and night.

  • Oakforest72

    Da bears!!!

  • Trey

    the screen and battery sound excellent…

  • Jason Roy

    Cutler throws for 321

  • Matt

    Why do Packer fans wear cheese on their heads.
    To keep the flies off their women.

  • Pauly G

    All this talk about Clay Matthews? Never heard of her???

  • Laurie

    Many thanks! Just wanted to let you know that my shiny new Razr arrived today and it is fantastic. Go Bears! :-)