Chicago Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler Should Take Notes On Joe Flacco

Jay Cutler better watch Sunday’s Super Bowl matchup between the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers very closely because there will be a quarterback playing in the game who, this season, has done exactly what Cutler needs to do in the 2013 campaign.  No, it’s not 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, though I’m sure there will be plenty of positive observations to make about his performance on Sunday.

It’s Joe Flacco. Yep, that Joe Flacco. 

It hasn’t been pretty for Flacco and the Ravens during their playoff run, but somehow and someway Flacco gets the job done and has done so in each of the five years he’s been a pro. He manages games well while minimalizing turnovers. He’s able to scan the field and has the arm strength to beat teams deep when he needs to do so. He rarely seems to get rattled and maintains a very calm and composed demeanor even during the most crucial of game situations. Most importantly, perhaps, is that Flacco has not missed a single game during his career.

Cutler, on the other hand, does very little of any of that — including suffering injuries in his last three seasons as a Bear.

But beyond Flacco’s success on the field and physical capabilities as a quarterback, there’s a much bigger aspect to his game that Cutler needs to take note of — the way in which Flacco has handled his contract situation with the Ravens.

Flacco and the Ravens could not reach a deal before the start of the season and may have to place the franchise tag on the 5th-year quarterback. But you won’t hear him complain about it. Not one bit. Bears fans better hope that the same can be said about Cutler before the start of and during the 2013 season as he will enter the final year of his current deal.

Mike Tice is gone and can no longer bog down Cutler and the Bears offense. Marc Trestman is in, who has been praised for his offensive prowess and ability to get the most out of his quarterbacks. Brandon Marshall has already established himself as a reliable No. 1 receiver for Cutler. And with some salary cap room and several talented free agents on the market, the Bears have the ability to add some starter-worthy players if need be. There are absolutely no more excuses for the Chicago Bears and Jay Cutler.

Cutler doesn’t need to take notes from the likes of Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady or Peyton Manning. Those quarterbacks are in an unreachable category for him. But he does need to take notes from Joe Flacco.

If Jay Cutler has been waiting for something to click, then the sound of a pen about to ink a new contract better do the trick in 2013.

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  • rpersaud

    There’s so much wrong with this piece, I was compelled to respond. I’m a diehard Broncos fan that adopted Bears when Cutler was traded. I love the history and character of the Bears franchise, but are often subjected to media-heavy criticism of the best talent this team has seen since Walter Payton. You sound like a real fan, so let’s start there. Flacco is not an elite QB, he plays on an elite team. That defense has only allowed one team to score more than 13 points in his 9 playoff victories – you’re privvied to how well a defense can carry a team. Cutler has all the on/off field intangibles that puts him above most QBs in my biases opinion. Can play in all types of weather, torches teams when it gets colder. Quite mobile and tough at 230 lbs, you’ve watched him take the most beatings of any player the past few years. Aaron Rodgers doesnt get sacked, he takes sack to make plays, thats a luxury. Cutler has the strongest arm in the league, take it from a guy who is wearing an Elway jersey while typing this. He is intelligent, can make all the plays. On the Broncos, Shanahan would have him lead block for the RBs, didn’t complain. He’s had less to work with in his career, and still finds ways to win and have comeback victories. If Russell Wilson didn’t torch Bears in final 51 seconds and OT, the Bears would be in the Superbowl on the strength of Cutler and Lovie Smith. So my point is, Cutler is unfairly criticized, he’s tough – who else plays w/ Type 1 Diabetes and performs at such a high level? Just give him ONE Thing, just one, an offensive line that isn’t made of backups, and he’ll possess the only thing Flacco has over him, and that’s protection. Baltimore is a good team because they use all the pieces right, Cutler on Baltimore would be a dynasty for years to come. Bears can get there, he’s the best QB in the league – by virtue of there’s nothing he can’t do. Make all the throws, mobile, accurate, playmaker, tough, intelligent, leader, and fiercely competitive – Chicago needs to embrace this guy and give him some protection. 3rd year in Broncos, threw for 4600 yards w/o a run game and missed playoffs by a game. Imagine that Shanahan didn’t lose 6 RBs to injuries that year, Cutler would still be a Broncos and the Bears would have to deal with carousel wheel of QBs for another decade.

  • rpersaud

    I can go on all day about Cutler, but Flacco is garbage is my point. He’s never been asked to carry an offense, thats Ray Rices team. For peetes sake, he’s had Anquan Boldin – how quickly people forget how dominant this guy was as a WR for his first 5 years – and STILL is. Torrey Smith is a cheat, Caldwell mismanaged that offense this year, he alone can dominate teams at will with that speed and route running. And please count the seconds in the pocket, if we’re judging time in pocket, then Flacco is greater than Joe Montana, Marino, Elway, Favre, Brady, Manning, and the list goes on – my grandmother could be an elite QB on that offense. Some QBs whine about being in the upper echelon, and those are the guys you shouldn’t pay money to. Mark Sanchez, Joe Flacco, Eli Manning. For peete’s sake, the Bears, Giants, Ravens, Redskins have all won superbowls without great QBs – game managers dont win games, great GMs and coaches do. The Broncos pressured Flacco twice on 3rd down in the playoffs, and both times, it was 3 and out, he couldn’t handle it – decision making is awful. Cutler’s decision making takes a hit because most times the offense is always throwing because we can’t get Matt Forte past 2.3 yards per carry! Peetes sake, Bears are using Forte to block this year, how embarassing, they needed a rehaul, and it starts with the real men who win games, the OL. Flacco sucks, put him on the Bears, and you won’t see 10 wins behind worst OL in game.

  • rpersaud

    The Bears 1st round draft pick this year should be asked this question, “Are you scared of Clay Matthews, Jr?” If the answer is “Hell No, bring on that long haired freak, I cant wait to pancake his hairy ass” – then Bears will be in Playoffs next year, otherwise, don’t pay Cutler, ship him off, and watch Flacco come in with a false pedigree, and destroy this team for another decade.