Dec. 23, 2012; Glendale, AZ, USA: Chicago Bears offensive tackle J'Marcus Webb walks off the field after a win against the Arizona Cardinals. Mandatory Credit: Mark J. Rebilas-USA

I Don't Believe in J'Marcus Webb

According to, J’Marcus Webb is feeling good about competing for the right tackle position. When asked about the transition he would have to make, he said

“Things happen and you can’t control a few things, but it’ll be a great move… I can play right tackle … I can move my hands a little bit, so it should be fun” Webb also discussed his “improvement” over the last few seasons. “I definitely took a step forward and, like I said, I’m just here to help in any way possible.”

It seems as though J’Marcus has caught the Chicago Cubs virus. He promises success during the offseason, but fails during the regular season.

The only bright side about Webb’s words of wisdom is that at least he is, well, looking at the bright side. He claims to be trying as hard as he can to be a successful tackle in this league. However, it has gotten to the point where I cannot believe what he says. I can only believe what he does. Getting arrested does not show me that he really wants to help the team. It crosses the line. He’s probably  used to crossing the line by now, given all the false start penalties he commits. I would have released him. I usually am fairly optimistic, but I am not a believer in J’Marcus Webb, even if he can minimally move his hands.  Here’s something to prove my logic; sixth grade math.

On a scale of 1-100, 100 being John Hannah, where does J’Marcus Webb rank on the scale of good offensive linemen? Not only does Webb not play well; he also brings down the performance of others. Therefore, I give him a 0. Now let’s say he got 10, 50, even 100 times better. 100 times zero is still zero. I do not see J’Marcus Webb improving much at all.

I’m sorry for being so negative. I just don’t have faith that J’Marcus Webb will ever be a good player. Hopefully, I’m wrong. I hope he goes out this season and stops almost every defender who tries to get their hands on Jay Cutler. I hope he plays a major part in helping Matt Forte to rush for 1,764 yards. I hope he doesn’t give up a sack in the Bears 35-3 rout of the Colts in Super Bowl XLVIII. However, I don’t see any of this happening. If it does, I will personally buy the man an un limited supply of tacos for life. Maybe he’ll read this and it will motivate him to BEAR DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • Rob Schwarz Jr

    I also do not believe in J-Webb. I just wonder if Carimi is going to be any better? Maybe it will end up being Jonathon Scott at tackle and Carimi at guard. Maybe it will be someone from the draft. At this point, I don’t think anyone knows!

    • mrbgood

      Scott was 100x worse then Webb FYI

      • Halas is my homeboy

        sadly, Scott look like the most competent tackle on our team last year (which isn’t saying a lot)

        • mrbgood

          Not according to the facts.

          • Halas is my homeboy

            PFF is not “fact”. It is humans making judgement calls based on incomplete info.

            it doesn’t take a scientific study to see that webb sucks

          • mrbgood

            PFF is an advanced site that grades every single play with an advanced grading system. It’s not opinion. Far from it. Obviously you’re a hard head and oblivious to the facts

          • Rob Schwarz Jr

            PFF doesn’t take everything into account. Perfect example. The Bears new LT, Bushrod, had a lower PFF ranking than Webb. However, this statistical data doesn’t account for the fact Bushrod was left on an island to block DE by himself. Webb was given help on almost every play and still sucked. You can take statistical data for what it is at times. Just ask our politicians. They can take the same data and spin it in a way to make themselves look good and the other side look bad. You must see the forest for the trees!

  • mrbgood

    Unlike your opinion, pro football focus is fact. According to PFF, JWebb had a -32 grade in 2010 (awful). In 2011 he had a -16 overall grade playing left tackle which was pretty bad. However, Mr. Webb had a -4 grade in 2012 playing the left tackle position. Is it a coincidence that Webb struggled in Martz’s non offensive line friendly system (7 step drops LOL) and he was a 7th round pick extremely raw. The trend says he will get better this year. Are you to say an offensive line genius in Aaron Kromer can’t help Webb improve (again) and make him a competent right tackle?

  • Halas is my homeboy

    While Webb has gotten slightly better, he definitely still sucks. I hope he doesn’t end-up being our starting RT

    Hopefully Carimi bounces back and becomes a solid RT

  • Elliott Robinson

    You guys have to realize that J’Webb was a 7th round pick. 95% of 7th round picks don’t even make the team and all are considered “projects”. It was due to the complete disregard of Offense under Lovie Smith/Jerry Angelo that prompted them to start a 7th round pick to protect the Franchise QB.(I don’t think any other franchise has done this). If JWebb was a 1st round pick, then I would understand the backlash, but as a 7th round pick who was supposed to be a development player he has exceeded expectations. Every year he has gotten better and his ceiling is as high as anyone. It think he is starting to find his groove and it would be foolish to give up on him now especially given the reputation of Aaron Kromer.