Darren Sharper Thinks the Bears Can Compete with the Packers in the NFC North

Who will challenge the Green Bay Packers for dominance in the NFC North?  Longtime NFC North guy and former Minnesota Viking and Packer Darren Sharper thinks it’s going to be your Chicago Bears.  Watch his NFL Network segment here

Sharper attributes his support of the Bears to the addition of Marc Trestman at the helm of the Bears as the reason for Bears ascent, despite the Vikings earning a split with the Packers and putting up far better numbers against them.   According to a number of Bears he’s talked to, Sharper hears that Trestman is an offensive genius and will turn Cutler around.

Add to that the weapons that Phil Emery has put around Cutler and you’ve got a much improved Bears attack.  He points out the Packers’ weakness against the run and that the Bears should be able to exploit them in that area.  Don’t forget that Devin Hester as a dedicated returner and the Bears always stellar defense and you’ve got the formula to beat Green Bay.

What do you think?  Will the Bears be able to leapfrog both the Packer and the Vikings to claim the NFC North crown?  Will the Bears be able to hold off the Lions?  What is your prediction for the 2013 NFC North standings?  Let’s see your Comments!


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  • S Jones

    I’m glad to hear this from Sharper. However, not a single soul knows what the Bears offense will look like this year. It’s funny how people have already predicted our record this year. I think our offense will improve but just how much…..well, that’s why they play the games. #BearDown

    • BearGogglesOn

      That’s the fun of the offseason. What are we supposed to do in Chicago besides watch the Blackhawks in the Cup Final, watch the dreadful Cubs and White Sox??? Now is the time to speculate and make BS predictions.

  • http://thenavigatoronline.com/ Chip Drewry

    Da Bears suck. It’ll be the same as last year. Packers, Vikings, Bears, Kittens

  • RedBaron

    DaBearsSuck, The Packers D will get it done this year, and Rodgers will put up high numbers.

    • Edwin

      Confuse again

  • James Janda

    Bears 2013: 11-5 Make playoffs. Win in first round. Lose in second round.

  • jsbarte

    Vikings are only going to be better than last year

    • http://twitter.com/MPeriod M.

      Why would the Vikings be better? They lost a dynamic game changing playmaker.. and replaced hiim for a good but injury prone WR on the downside of his career. Their already aging defense is only older. AP was 9 yards from having the best season EVER for a running back.. how much better do you think he’d be? If he only runs for… 1600 yards instead of 2000, and instead the Vikings have to rely on Ponder and the few games jennings will play before getting hurt.. .the Vikings will be lucky to be 8-8

      • RiseUpp

        Viking; only way to go is up.

      • jsbarte

        are you a fortune teller? bad one at that. 3 first round draft picks..2 on defense to go with 2nd yr harrison smith..they got rid of age, winfield, on D, Allen is old but a beast. AP is in his prime and not coming off an ACL tear, Jennings isn’t Harvin, but you’re obviously not a guy who watches the vikes week in and out. watch for jarius wright and the rookie patterson at wr, QB Ponder has alot to prove but Ponder Cassel is the best 1,2 at QB Vikes have had since Culpepper George. Jennings is 29. way over prime you’re right on that one too.

      • Stuey

        Aging defense? Nonsense. The fact is that the team as a whole is one of the youngest in the league. The defense isn’t aging, Greenway, Allen and Williams are the oldest guys on that side of he ball, but both Allen and Greenway are playing at a high level and still have a few years left. Rookie Floyd will spell Williams.
        Young, upcoming team. They may not be ready to overtake the Pack, but in a couple years they’ll rule the division.

  • Brian Fitzpatrick

    Preseason polls and player predictions…………equal in importance and as widely accepted as man made global warming solutions.

    • Mike Holton

      …and as welcome and entertaining as political commentary in a sports article.

      • Brian Fitzpatrick

        Sorry to stray from the X’s and O’s Mike – I understand how hybrid thinking can be disconcerting. BTW……you wouldn’t be a Warmer by any chance?

  • rambo

    I see Sharpers predicting this so it makes him look good.Sharpers wants to play for the bears.LOL

    • Sha Har

      Darren is very good with his predictions. He’s also very familiar with the Bears new Offensive Coach and new O line players and know they will improve a lot!

  • kslessor

    Last time bears beat green bay was in 2008.Green bay completely owns them and will continue as long as cutler is qb of the bears

    • Joshua Serrano

      9/27/10 at chicago

  • Randy Bregman

    Cutler always gets hurt so it doesn’t matter if the coach can turn him around. They started 7-1 last year and couldn’t make the playoffs. A new coach can’t do much better than that.

  • Wrasslinoob

    That same assessment is probably why Darren Sharper is no longer a player anymore either.

  • efefef

    sharper has to be on meth!

    • Don

      No, Cocaine.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bill.lapinskas.3 Bill Lapinskas

    Cutler always gets hurt, they’ll be the same as last year, the peckers defence will be great, what a joke , do you losers even think before you post, i douht it, 12 year olds don’t think much, why even bother slamming on you idiots . I know because your too easy not too .

    • Don

      Bill, you must be a care bear fan. I bet your grades in English weren’t the greatest either.,

    • Wil G

      If the other posters are 12, you must be 7 years old. Spelling, grammar, and proper sentence structure all come around that age. Cutler is a whining injury faking pussycat, the panda bears will still suck this year, and the Packer offense will improve beyond anything the pandas can throw at them. The defense will come around in the end. Good luck with your rug rats, Bill, you’ll need more than I can offer.

  • RiseUpp

    Cutler is like a lot of ‘also ran’ qbs; never accepts responsibility for team problems and always blaming others why he isn’t performing as a leader of the team…which is what a qb is.

    • dwhnt47

      Before you mouth off about Cutler, show me a quote.

      I have NEVER heard the man say anything that even hints at finger – pointing.

      Besides that, he’s tough as nails. I bet you would be a paraplegic if you took as many NFL sacks as he has…..

  • Sha Har

    Darren’s right! The Bears will definitely improve this year! The O Line will improve. You’ll see.

    • Don

      Yes you will.

  • Dago T

    JFC – who wrote the headline, some packers fan?

  • Stuey

    …” and the Bears always stellar defense.” Always? Looks like Trestman’s putting all his eggs in one basket, he’s an offensive minded coach. I do think the Bears pass game will be better, but I don’t see the same focus on having a stout defense. Urlacher’s presence will be missed.

    • BearGogglesOn

      You mean Urlacher’s slowness or the times when he was cheering on the team from the sidelines? D will be better off with Bostic and/or DJ WIlliams.

  • Barry N. Leon

    He also thought the Vikings could challenge the Pack when he was with them.

  • Don

    It doesn’t really matter what we think now does it? Let us have this conversation at the end of the regular season.

  • megalo

    i’m not sure in the first year if they can get it done. after that tho? i think the NFC North should be worried.

  • dwhnt47

    Holy shit! One comment with an aging pack player’s name in it, and the Haters’ come out of the woodwork!

    All we know now is that the Bears team we see on the field in 2013 is going to be vastly different than the team we saw in 2012.


    Now, if that alone doesn’t put a little shiver down the collective spine’s of NFC North Bears haters, then you just aren’t the thinking type….

    The Bears will beat the packers, vikings, and lions this year. At least once each. Packer D sucks ass. And dont mouth off about draft picks either… rookies rarely make a difference.

    My basis for predictions on improvements on the Bears team come from obvious improvements in coaching staff, and added talent.

    Cant wait till the season starts!

  • Steve

    As long as J.Cutler is behind center the Bears offense is staggering weak at best. The Bears D will need a year to get a new identity. So I don’t believe the
    Chicago Bears can or will be much of a problem for any team, including the Green and Gold.

  • Danimel11

    Alot of Cutler bashing but name another Bear QB in the last 25 years that has more talent than Culter. If Aaron Rodgers played behind the same Bears o-line that Cutler does he’d play poorly as well. Play calling and a shitty line have kept Cutler from realizing his own talent. The Bears will be much improved this year and will challenge for the division title.