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Salutations From the West Coast

Greetings fellow orange and navy fanatics.  My name is Cameron Curtis, but you can just call me Cam, and I am incredibly excited to be a brand new part of this awesome website.  As a Bears fan living in the heart of Seahawk country, I am looking forward to having an outlet for my ramblings.  Not that I haven’t been vocal about my beloved Bears in the past, but now I have an audience that actually wants to hear it.

I have been a Bears fan ever since the first time I saw Mike Singletary play a game, at the ripe old age of 8.  He seemed to be everywhere at once, which was good because he also seemed to be the only Bear capable of making a tackle in that game.  From that day forward I was a huge fan of the Samurai.  It was only a small matter of time before I realized that the Chicago Bears were the greatest franchise in the NFL and possibly all of sports.

I take a pragmatic approach to my analysis of the Bears.  I won’t sugar coat it when it’s bad, but never think that I’m not rooting for the Monsters of the Midway.

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  • Coach Boss

    Welcome aboard! I am a west coaster myself. I am also living in the land of the Seachickens; only about 3 hours from Seattle. I’m glad to have some company!

  • DeCon

    I guess that makes 3 of us. I too live near the Seahags. I guess we are going to all have to try to meet up one Sunday for the Beloved at the best Bears bar in Seattle, The Iron Bull!!! Boomer can pass along my contact details.