Chicago Bears Week 1 Free Agent Stock Watch

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Sep 8, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler (6) throws a pass during the first quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

It’s no secret that the Chicago Bears’ roster is chock full of impending free agents. Big names such as Jay Cutler and Henry Melton may be playing their final season in a Bears uniform — or they may be on their way to huge pay days and brand new contracts.

Every week we’ll take a look at how the stock has changed on some of these players. For this week, here’s a quick rundown of all of the Bears’ impending free agents and how the Week 1 game against the Cincinnati Bengals affected their stock:

Jay Cutler — RISING

Cutler managed the game well on Sunday, despite one characteristic interception. He made big throws and plays when he needed to though. Cutler’s biggest ally may be the incredibly weak 2014 class of free agent quarterbacks.

Henry Melton — FALLING

The defensive line struggled to get any pressure on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton, registering only one sack and two tackles for loss. Melton is a Pro Bowler and will need to step it up to justify a new deal.

Charles Tillman — RISING

AJ Green’s monster performance on Sunday made Tillman look like a very ordinary cornerback. However, his two interceptions did plenty to make up for it. Tillman is a fan favorite and not likely to go elsewhere.

Devin Hester — FALLING

Hester will need to be “ridiculous” as a full-time returner this season to justify a new contract and taking up a roster spot.

Robbie Gould — RISING

He’s already one of the most accurate kickers in NFL history and he just set a franchise record on Sunday with a 58-yard field goal. He’s staying for good.

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  • Michael Praser

    I disagree with Hester’s stock falling. They didn’t kick to him on kickoffs and they kicked it out of bounds for punts. That is exactly why they still have Hester on the team.

    • Michigan Bruce

      I still think they should try him at corner back in situations ,he played it in college,throw him in the 5 set wr formation once in a while,outside screen on the weak side he’ll blow by all of them.

      • Michael Praser

        Hester was awful as a corner. I think he is doing what he should do. Return. No more, no less.

    • BearGogglesOn

      Most kickoffs go out of the back of the end zone these days, so now Hester is limited to only punt returns. Most of the time, they can directionally kick away from him. Every now and then, he’ll get a chance at a return, but is he still worth a multi-million dollar contract?

  • Michigan Bruce

    No mention of DT Peaa! I miss spelled that sorry but he was a power house sunday,and on the rise more so than pepper’s (double teamed, understandable).but melton and collins got beat more times than not and when they did there was no middle LB to help out,DJ is coming off a injury and game speed is below sub par.I missed Bostic,I watched him play all preseason and it made alot of the pain go away due to losing Urlacher.

    • Michigan Bruce

      LOL If Bostic had played he would probably have had to pay a fine for crushing somebody with a legal tackle.GO Balistic BOSTC!!

    • BearGogglesOn

      Bruce – no doubt that Paea had a great game. In fact, he graded out as the top Bears defender. The point of this post is to look at Free-Agents-to-Be, guys who are in a contract year. By my count, there are 24 guys on the 53-man roster – who will be out of contract after this season. It’s worth keeping an eye on whose stock is rising and falling each week to see who Phil Emery is going to have to pay to keep. Paea is still playing on his rookie deal, so no need to worry about him just yet.