7 Years Ago Today Bears vs Cardinals: Monday Night Comeback in the Desert

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Happy Denny Green Day!  Or Happy “They Are who we thought they were” day.  Seven years ago today, the Bears pulled off one of the most memorable comebacks in NFL history, coming back from a 20-0 halftime deficit against Green’s Arizona Cardinals for a 24-23 win on Monday Night Football.

What’s more impressive?  They did so without the benefit of an offensive touchdown.  That’s right.  The Bears defense and special teams scored 21 of the Bears’ 24 points to carry the Bears to victory and keep the Bears undefeated. Rex Grossman’s 6 turnovers certainly didn’t help the cause.

I’ve never re-watched the entire game or never even saw the broadcast, because I was at the game.  I stood up to the jeers of cocky Cardinals fans (is there such a thing) and endured a painful offensive performance.  But that defense.  WOW!  Here’s a recap of one of the best comebacks of all-time:


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