Marc Trestman Week 6 In Review

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Trestman did spend some time as an investment broker and learned all about taking calculated risks. I like the more creative play calling he has brought to the team and I really hope it becomes even more aggressive. In fact, if I have one major gripe about the offense (which has been an absolute breath of fresh air) is that it gets too conservative at times for its own good. Yes, you have to protect a lead; I get it, but 1st downs are important too. The more 1st downs you can generate on a drive, the longer you keep the drive going. There are far too many 3 and outs.

I am hoping the Bears open up the play book for the Green Bay Packers in 2 weeks. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see Jay Cutler out duel Aaron Rodgers and beat the Packers?! That will be a glorious day!

Another thing I have been impressed with is that the offense looks like it has a purpose. It is not just out on the field to take up space and run 1:45 off the clock every now and then to give the defense a break. The Bears O was able to control the ball for 32:55. That really helps to give the D some much-needed rest.

What a difference a year and a new coaching staff makes…

The Bears are 11th in total offense according to the stats the NFL uses as their barometer (total yards) which stands at 372 per game. What is more impressive is that the Bears are currently 3rd in points per game at 28.7. For comparison; last year the Bears finished 28th in yards with 310.6 YPG and 16th in points with 23.4 PPG.

Last season, the Bears offense gave up a total of 44 sacks; Jay Cutler was on the receiving end of 41 of them; this season the Bears are on pace to give up 24. Cutler also threw 19TDs last season and is currently on pace to throw for 32 this season which would be his highest total in his career. I know the season is just a third complete but that is a testament to the impact Trestman has had on this team.

Leadership requires accountability and for every decision to be made in the best interest of the organization. Leaders must also demand accountability upon those they lead in order to create an environment of responsibility and burden sharing. Leader that are accountable for their actions build loyalty with their subordinates, and encourage continue hard work and respect.  -Excerpt from “Perseverance: Life Lessons on Leadership and Teamwork

I could have used this quote to describe the last two week’s games. There were mistakes made but just about everyone took accountability for them. Trestman took the blame for interceptions saying he should have protected Cutler better or called a different play, Cutler took the blame for turning the ball over and for taking too long to throw the ball when he was sacked, Brandon Marshall took the blame for a couple turnovers by claiming he could have been more aggressive and gone after the ball harder; the offensive line wants the blame for allowing Cutler to be sacked and not protecting him enough. Everyone on the team has each other’s back. Everyone is out to help each out; it is a great thing to see.

I don’t know how the Bears are going to finish off the season but Trestman and his staff are laying the foundation of a Championship Caliber Team for the future.

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