Is it Fair to Call Jay Cutler Injury Prone?

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cutler blocked chargersInjury: Broken Thumb

Circumstances: The Bears started the season 2-3 and things were looking a little grim.  Then things started to click and Cutler and the Bears went on a 5-game winning streak with the soft part of their schedule on the horizon.  During the 4th quarter of their game against the Chargers, Jay Cutler threw a ball that Johnny Knox should have caught, but instead it was intercepted.  As Cutler tried to make the tackle, he broke his thumb.

Games Missed: Cutler finished the Chargers game, but missed the final six games of the season.

Results: The Bears went from 7-3 to win just one game down the stretch in a series of very winnable games.  In the process, they had the Chiefs throw a successful Hail Mary against them, they got Tebowed and lost to the Raiders, Seahawks and Packers but salvaged the season finale against the Vikings.  Another encouraging season ended 8-8 and without a playoff appearance.


Injury: Concussion

Circumstances: Jay took a head shot on an illegal hit against the Texans as he tried to hit a scrambling pass to Devin Hester.  Cutler was ruled over the line – which I still believe was a bad call – but the damage was done as Tim Dobbins lit him up.  Cutler was ruled out for the second half with a concussion.

Games Missed: Second half of the Texans game and the next game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Results: The Bears lost to the Texans 13-6 and Jason Campbell didn’t fair much better the next week in a trip to San Fran, as the Bears got pounded 32-7 as the Bears went 3-3 down the stretch after Cutler returned from his injury and missed the playoffs despite a 10-6 record. 

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