Is it Fair to Call Jay Cutler Injury Prone?

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cutler blocked chargersInjury: Broken Thumb

Circumstances: The Bears started the season 2-3 and things were looking a little grim.  Then things started to click and Cutler and the Bears went on a 5-game winning streak with the soft part of their schedule on the horizon.  During the 4th quarter of their game against the Chargers, Jay Cutler threw a ball that Johnny Knox should have caught, but instead it was intercepted.  As Cutler tried to make the tackle, he broke his thumb.

Games Missed: Cutler finished the Chargers game, but missed the final six games of the season.

Results: The Bears went from 7-3 to win just one game down the stretch in a series of very winnable games.  In the process, they had the Chiefs throw a successful Hail Mary against them, they got Tebowed and lost to the Raiders, Seahawks and Packers but salvaged the season finale against the Vikings.  Another encouraging season ended 8-8 and without a playoff appearance.


Injury: Concussion

Circumstances: Jay took a head shot on an illegal hit against the Texans as he tried to hit a scrambling pass to Devin Hester.  Cutler was ruled over the line – which I still believe was a bad call – but the damage was done as Tim Dobbins lit him up.  Cutler was ruled out for the second half with a concussion.

Games Missed: Second half of the Texans game and the next game against the San Francisco 49ers.

Results: The Bears lost to the Texans 13-6 and Jason Campbell didn’t fair much better the next week in a trip to San Fran, as the Bears got pounded 32-7 as the Bears went 3-3 down the stretch after Cutler returned from his injury and missed the playoffs despite a 10-6 record. 

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  • metalhead65

    he may be injury prone but I would not say those injuries were avoidable. if he does not try and make the tackle against the chargers he would have gotten roasted by the press who were looking to write anything negative about him they could. as for the groin injury how did he have any control over that? the guy picked up and twisted his body around into his knee before he hit the ground. not sure how that is his fault. as for backups they need to upgrade there big time but not sure how they can do that this season. maybe they can sign one of the younger starters that will be cut this offseason as a backup after they resign Cutler either to the franchise tender or a 2-3 year deal. they would be foolish to let him go after finally surrounding him with some talent and a coach who knows offense is part of the game. they can’t afford to start over again at qb after rebuilding the offense this year. they will need somebody who knows how to run it so they can score enough points to stay in games while they rebuild the defense in the next year or two. you can’t do that with a new qb learning the system.

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