Bears vs Packers: Talking Trash with Total Packers

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4. Speaking of Packers jumping ship to Minnesota, which former Packer do you hold the most ill-will toward for crossing enemy lines.

Brett Favre. He did it for petty reasons. He engineered it by “retiring” from the Jets, all the time knowing he was going to then go and sign with the Vikings just to stick it to the Packers. That, and he almost led those assholes to the Super Bowl and I think we can both agree that the Minnesota Vikings never deserve a Super Bowl title.

5. There’s been some talk around Chicago that “the rivalry is dead” thanks to the Packers winning too many games in recent years. What’s your take on the Bears-Packer rivalry? Rank the teams in the NFC North in order of which you hate most to least.

1. Vikings, 2. Bears. And I could care less about the Lions. They’re not even relevant. Ever. The hatred for the Vikings comes mainly from their fans being a bunch of ignorant asshats. Bears fan, while total dicks, actually know something about football. Packers-Bears will always be a great rivalry, but it’s more about the fans now than the players. I miss the days when Charles Martin was slamming Jim McMahon to the ground, Ken Stills was trucking Matt Suhey well after the whistle and Mark Lee was riding Walter Payton out of bounds and into the bench. Those guys hated each other, thanks mainly to the old-school coaches involved. Of course, the Bears were dominating the Packers in those days and I don’t miss that.

6. The Packer defense doesn’t seem to have missed a beat without Clay Matthews III. Is the defense good or is he just overrated?

The defense is good this year. Again, thanks mainly to the defensive line. Johnny Jolly’s return has helped. So has the emergence of Mike Daniels in his second season. Mike Neal, a former defensive lineman, has transitioned to outside linebacker well. A.J. Hawk has been playing great, and I’m no A.J. Hawk fan. The defense is only going to be better when Matthews comes back.

7. What’s your prediction for the game on Monday night? Do the Cutler-less, Briggs-less Bears stand a chance???

I don’t see how. I think they’ll be able to keep it somewhat close, though. They’re not the Vikings, after all. Packers 35, Bears 21.

Thanks to Monty of Total Packers for the friendly banter.  Their website seems to be down at the moment, so hopefully they can get it up (boner joke!) soon and you can see my answers to their questions.


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