Bears vs Lions: Bear Goggles On's Week 10 Staff Picks and Predictions

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Dec 30, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; Chicago Bears fans during the game against the Detroit Lions at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

DeCon (5-3)

I have never been SO happy to be SO wrong!!!  A great win against the Packers indeed and McCown has made a believer out of me.  Or should I say, that Trestman has made a believer out of me, because he may very well be a quarterback whisperer after all.  However, with sole possession of 1st place on the line, this week is even bigger than last week and the Lions defense is not as porous as the Packers swiss cheese defense (see what I did there).  The good news, is it appears McCown can play in this offense, so the Bears don’t have to be in as much as a hurry to rush Cutler back.  Although, I would feel better with #6 putting his hands under Garza’s ample rear-end.  Neither will change the outcome in the game if the Bears D can contain Reggie Bush and I think they are up to the task, despite what you saw Eddie Lacy do.  Bush relies on quick cuts and change of direction, something the Soldier Field turf does not accommodate well, so I think that will play a role in the outcome in favor of the Beloved.

Bears 30 – Lions 23   

Boomer (5-3)

The Bears surprised everyone on the planet except our own Robert and Da Coach with a surprising win over the Packers last week.  The buzz from that win is starting to wear off and it’s time to face the harsh reality that they face a Lions team that manhandled them in Week 4. Don’t let the 40-32 score fool you, the game wasn’t that close.  It was a wake up call for Kyle Long and revamped Bears offensive line.  They struggled to protect and in turn, Cutler committed 4 turnovers.  This will be a good game to see how much the Bears can adjust and adapt under Trestman, as it’s the first time to see how they face an opponent for the second time.  Cutler will have a better game than in Week 4 and the offense should be able to meet or exceed that performance.  The defense has to get better. Right?

Bears 34 – Lions 31

Tooch (4-3)

Just when you thought the Bears couldn’t play any dumber, they go and do that … and totally redeem themselves!  The Bears’ season is now back on track and they’ve set themselves up nicely to do some real damage in the NFC North and make a playoff run.  Matt Forte and Brandon Marshall will continue to pace the offense, while the defensive line will continue its strong play and get after Matthew Stafford on Sunday.  A near-100 percent Charles Tillman will limit Calvin Johnson to 80 yards receiving and no touchdowns.  The Soldier Field crowd will be amped up for this one when it witnesses a crucial Bears victory.

Bears 27 – Lions 20

Elijah Zelonky (4-4)

First off, I want to apologize for my negativity last week. Second of all, DAMN MONDAY NIGHT WAS AMAZING. Whereas the Redskin game was possibly the worst thing that could possibly happen to the Bears, the Packer game was one of the best. Against the Lions at home, I think the Bears have the edge with all the momentum from Green Bay. I want McCown to start because I don’t want proven Cutler hunter Ndamokong Suh to injure the starting quarterback more. However, if the doctors say he can play, I guess he can play. That takes toughness.

Bears 34 – Lions 26

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