A Fan's Non-expert take on Bears Week 11 OT Win over Ravens

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#1 Chicago Bears Fan

Guess who’s happy as hell that the Chicago Bears pulled off an overtime win Sunday against the defending Super Bowl Champion Ravens? This guy. This little guy is my two-year-old son Robbie, the future for our Beloved’s fan ship. My wife, Beth, gave me permission to use his photo in this week’s post. I ask, because things are easier that way. I’ve been trying to teach him how to say Chicago Bears for a while now, and he does, but it sounds like “Ah-go Bears?” Having a kid is the best opportunity to recruit the next big Bears fan. My friend Jake Biehl, brought his son Aidan over for this game so it was kinda crazy. Having my whole family together after an involuntary hiatus was special, but that’s a story for another day.

I remember before we had our boy, how different life was. The coolest thing I’ve taken from Fatherhood is the way you get to experience everything all over again. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, and 4th of July, all become cool again. Playing with toys like Legos and Matchbox cars, find new life. For a big kid like me, it’s an excuse to do all the things I liked, and some of the things I missed as a child. My wife thinks I buy him stuff that is beyond his age. Maybe, but it won’t be long before his Norelco electric shaver comes in handy, and I know that he’s going to get a lot more accurate with his crossbow, he just needs practice. Women.

Relax, readers without kids………I’m done. Wait until you have one, it’s all you ever talk about. I’m not even as bad as my wife. She breathes Robbie.

Now on to that game………

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