Top 25 Parenting Tips for Chicago Bears Fans

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13. Have a couple of backup children, dressed and ready at all times. If you only have one, borrow nephews or nieces.

14. When their behavior is questionable, ask them what Walter Payton would do.

15. Get a penalty flag and use it for small infractions around the house. When your wife complains, give her a coach’s red challenge flag, and tell her she’s special.

chicago-bears-believe-in-monsters16. If they are scared of Monsters, tell them that you won’t let Aaron Rodgers hurt them.

17. At least once in their life, take them to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Tell them it’s church. God is a Bears fan, so it’s kinda true.

18. Assure them constantly that they’re your quarterback.

19. When they ask you something you don’t know the answer to say “Playoffs”? “Playoffs?”

20. Teach them names of other Bears fans. Everyone else is a  “muggle.”

21. Let them lead the family in prayer for game winning field goals.

22. If they are still having trouble staying focused on the game, pick up an Xbox game control and act like you’re playing the most realistic version of Madden available.

bears_on_packers__1913823. Mountain Dew on game day, step on it with a little water though. They’ll never know the difference.

24. Don’t forget Green Bay Packer toilet paper for potty training.

25. Run this list by Mommy first, but make sure she is half-asleep.

What do you think?  What are your parenting tips for Bears fans???  Post your suggestions in the Comments below.  It takes a village…


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