A Fan's Non-expert Chicago Bears Thanksgiving 2013

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I will be eating Thanksgiving dinner with my family and watching the Packers at Lions football game. Can anyone tell me why the NFL decided that the stupid Lions and Cowboys always get Thanksgiving? Chicago invented family arguments and sibling rivalry over a meal first. We got together only to try to rip everyone apart way before anyone else. I’d like to see where their precious NFL would even be if not for George S. Halas! You’re welcome.

I am very confused about this Packers / Lions outcome, Guys. I am not sure who I want to win. Part of me thinks that the Lions are on a free-fall and they’ll keep losing games, but before they do, they should give the Packers another loss before Aaron Rodgers comes back.

A bigger part of me wants the Packers to win because the Lions have a tie-breaker over the Bears, and the Packers don’t. We will be 1/2 game behind the Packers if they beat the Lions on Thanksgiving, but 1/2 game ahead of them if we can beat the Vikings on Sunday. We would obviously be over the Lions too. We would be sitting on top of the NFC North Pole. A pole position we cannot afford to relinquish again. (Doesn’t that sound like it hurts?) 

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