Can the Chicago Bears Pass the Detroit Lions in the Playoff Race?

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Dec 1, 2013; Philadelphia, PA, USA; Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles (9) looks to pass during the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals at Lincoln Financial Field. The Eagles defeated the Cardinals 24-21. Mandatory Credit: Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

The Lions have a trip to visit Nick Foles and the surging Eagles in Philadelphia.  With their game on Monday night game, you’d better believe the Bears and Cowboys will be watching their respective rivals duke it out on Sunday.  If the Lions lose on Sunday, it suddenly opens the door for the Bears, but it opens it just a crack.

The next week, the Bears head to take on the possibly Caleb Hanie led Browns while the Lions get a Ravens team that find itself in the playoff hunt.  If the Bears can string together a couple of wins in a row and the Lions find a way to lose another, all of a sudden, the Bears are in the lead for the division with two games left to play.

In Week 16, the Bears face that same tough Eagles team that the Lions face this weekend.  That game could be the tipping point for the Bears’ season.  The good news is that by then, you’d expect to see Lance Briggs and Jay Cutler back in the lineup to give the Bears a boost on both sides of the ball.  Meanwhile the Lions take on the Giants who aren’t completely dead yet in the NFC East and if the Bears take care of the Cowboys and Eagles, the Giants could be extremely motivated.

The last week of the season finds the Bears hosting the Packers, who may put Aaron Rodgers on the shelf for the season.  The Bears won’t need to get any extra incentive to play the Packers.  The Lions get a chance to go help the Vikings close up the Metrodome.  You’d better believe the Vikings are going to want to close out the old dome with a win and could be pushing to secure another rushing title for Adrian Peterson.

Let’s keep in mind that this Lions team just lost to the hapless Bucs at Ford Field a couple of weeks ago, so anything is possible.  Things look pretty grim for the Bears, but they’re not impossible.  Come on, it’s the Holiday season.  It’s time for a Festivus Miracle and it starts this week.

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