Chicago Bears Week 14 Free Agent Stock Watch

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Dec 9, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Chicago Bears strong safety Major Wright (21) makes a tackle on Dallas Cowboys tight end James Hanna (84) during the fourth quarter at Soldier Field. Mandatory Credit: Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports


Major Wright

Tony Romo’s 10-yard touchdown pass to Jason Witten absolutely summed up Wright’s value — or lack thereof — to the Bears.  ESPN’s Jon Gruden even noted after the play that “Wright got caught looking in the backfield”.  The much beleaguered safety seems to do that several times a game, causing him to lose his assignments and get caught out of position.  I won’t waste any more breath on him — he’s gone, folks.

Roberto Garza

Pro Football Focus notes that Garza was the only Bears offensive line to earn a negative overall grade on Monday night.  His holding penalty in the red zone is reason enough alone for him to find his name in the Falling category.  Garza is the veteran leader and captain of the offensive line and mistakes such as the holding penalty — as well as an illegal snap earlier in the game — simply cannot happen.  He’s clearly the weakest link on the line this year, but benefits from being a very well respected and beloved player in the locker room.

Blake Costanzo

The only mentions that Costanzo gets anymore these days are when he’s drawing a penalty or fighting with an opposing player.  He simply brings little to no value to the special teams unit anymore and is no longer the “ace” that he used to be.  At a salary of $1.015 million, he’s simply too expensive for the Bears to retain, especially if Greene and Bostic are relegated to special teams duty next season.

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