Nov 7, 2013; Minneapolis, MN, USA; Minnesota Vikings defensive end Jared Allen (69) celebrates his sack against the Washington Redskins in the fourth quarter at Mall of America Field at H.H.H. Metrodome. The Vikings win 34-27. Mandatory Credit: Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

A Fan’s Non-Expert Take on the Bears Free Agency Moves

Bears Fans,

I would have been perfectly content hibernating until at least the full-on training camp in the fall, but my Editor is leaning on me for something to let you guys know that I am alive. I am also in the process of buying a house, which sucks. The house doesn’t, I like the house. It’s the buying part that sucks.

My wife and I looked at a few homes, but the one that we both liked, we looked at while the family was still living there. In one of the kid’s rooms there was a full-page, old newspaper clipping with a picture of “Sweetness” tacked up to a wall. The late, great, Walter Payton.

What makes this strange is that this is in Marietta, Ohio. They are Steelers fans here for the most part. Also, the kid is maybe 20 years old at the most. Nothing else on the walls either, odd.

I took it as a sign from God, and we are buying that house.

Phil Emery and Marc Trestman are putting something together real special. Their moves in FA have been very good and I’m excited to see how they’ll play out. Jared Allen takes the cake though.

I have been watching that football rustler “rope the calf” for too long now. For those of you that don’t know what that is, it’s his sack celebration. I remember him coming within a 1/2 sack of Michael Strahan’s NFL record of 22 1/2. I also remember him talking about his book, ‘The Quarterback Killers Cookbook.’

Now the Quarterback Killer is a Bear.

In fact, the whole D line seems to be shored up. The guys out back weren’t as bad as they looked last year, our line just did nothing to slow the other team down, or even keep them honest. They walked all over us. No more.

Our offense is great, nothing can be done to improve it, only make it worse.

I know that some of our guys that we bring in through FA or the draft might not make the final roster. That’s OK. Competition makes everyone better.

I’m glad we kept “Peanut” Tillman and Jennings. Miss Wooten a little, not Melton. Happy to have Izzy Idonije return for at least a couple more.

I also have to give Marc the big cajones award for having the courage to let Mel Tucker and Chris Conte have another shot. Also, Shea McClellin being shifted to linebacker instead of to the parking lot could go down as a historical move. Linebacker as a Chicago Bear is a storied position.

He’s either a genius or an idiot. We will see.

While I’m being totally honest, I’ll just say this, I’m secretly thinking, not necessarily hoping, that not only will Josh McCown choke down in Tampa, but the whole offense will. Defense will carry them though, maybe even to the playoffs. The figuratively speaking “just the tip” of the NFL. Playing for Lovie Smith.

It’s like driving down to Key West, seeing Ernest Hemingway’s house, and then driving back home. (Ask my Mom)

I liked Josh a lot, but I liked Josh here, backing up Jay for his annual injury. We want Josh, We want Jay, etc. His late career revival had everything to do with the system here. Lights it up, [Matt Flynn] gets big contract, [Matt Cassel] stops lighting it up somewhere else.

Can’t really wait to see the expression on Lovie’s face when that happens.

Oh wait…………..there won’t be one.


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  • Goodshepherd Americanbullies

    There won’t be 1 , lol!!!

    • Robert Napier

      I recognize your name, Thanks for being a loyal reader, I think we’ve chatted before, but I was curious. Whats the name mean? Goodsheperd Americanbullies?

  • Sinclair Phos

    WHOA, you had me until “Our offense is great, nothing can be done to improve it, only make it worse.”….Dude really? They were in year one of a new and complex offense that performed better than anyone expected. Were they ranked #1 across the board? No. Were there weaknesses? Absolutely. Is there room for improvement? Always. There is still a lack of depth on the offensive line. The line will continue to improve. They still need to address the weaknesses at #2 TE and #3 WR. There is ALWAYS room for improvement and this is no exception. I know we as Bears fans are used to a regime who had no idea how they made things work, and when one thing broke it would often fall apart…so I can certainly understand, after a near decade of “hey it works, leave it alone so we don’t break it”….but those days are over. Ownership finally addressed one of the weaknesses in their hierarchy, George then turned around and fired the Architect of Failure and upgraded the Bears at GM who fired the incompetent inept imbecile and his merry band of mostly failures and rejects and upgraded the coaching staff. They came in and built a high powered big boy NFL offense that performed better than anyone expected them to in their first season. There is still room for improvement. And improve it shall. Never say there is no room for improvement.

    • Robert Napier

      Thanks for your energy. I still disagree. Our offense is good enough that I wouldn’t want to mess with it. Maybe you should go to the head office and explain your ideas on how you would improve our # 2 scoring offense. We need people like you running the show. I don’t know how we’ve managed without your tutelage. Just kidding, Dude.

      • Sinclair Phos

        Actually they were #8 overall, #5 in passing, #16 in rushing, and a surprising #4 in O line play and as you point out #2 in scoring. Here is the problem….”good enough”? Sorry no. A consistent championship contender is never happy with “good enough”. The Bears defense was “good enough” for 5 of the 9 years of the incompetent inept imbecile’s reign of error. And they no longer need me at Halas Hall to tell them how to manage this team, after a decade of incompetence, ineptness and imbecility they finally got management and coaching that knows what the hell they are doing.
        The offense can and will continue to improve, and thankfully this regime will not be happy with a defense that is simply “good enough”

        • Dart Vade

          sinclair your all over the place man. Instead of being a grammar nazi lets try for what he was really saying…personnel wise there is nothing that can be done to upgrade this team. You will not find in the market any player better at those skill positions than the ones we already have, so adding depth is key for future success, but statistically speaking we really cant be much better, you will never be #1 in all stats and in the end the only thing that matters is how much your team scores and as he said were 2nd best in the league for that.

          • Robert Napier

            Thanks for stepping in here Darth Vade. Bears fans are passionate. We all know that. We have been short some pieces of a championship and it’s frustrating. There is much to be anticipated about this coming season. I have said that every season of my life though. I guess that’s what being a fan is all about. Remember the Eagles “dream team” a few years ago? Paper playoff teams rarely turn out to be that. You can’t put heart down on paper, not in stats. Heart, knowledge, ability, execution. I believe those things are key. Thanks for reading and commenting on here!

  • Sinclair Phos

    Also you give Trestman for letting Tucker get “another shot” Why the hell wouldn’t he? Tucker was not the reason that defense crapped the goose egg. Please take your bear googles off and practice a little objectivity. And with Conte, we all wanted him lynched…emotions are a powerful thing. How good did Conte look the previous 2 years with a stronger defensive line? One needs to look beyond one play…and evaluate total body of work. You seemed to do that with regard to your comments about McCown above, why not do the same with Tucker and Conte?

    • Robert Napier

      Wow, that is a good point

    • Robert Napier

      did you not see this?

      In fact, the whole D line seems to be shored up. The guys out back weren’t as bad as they looked last year, our line just did nothing to slow the other team down, or even keep them honest. They walked all over us. No more.

      • Sinclair Phos

        Of course I saw it. And I stand by my statement that last years melt down was not on Tucker.

        • Robert Napier

          I meant, did you see it in reference to Conte

  • metalhead65

    great article and you nailed it with Lovie and McCown. he is the only coach who would go with a washed up veteran over a promising second year QB who looked pretty good playing for dysfunctional team last season. I liked McCowan but come on he had done nothing in his years in the league before last season and was a high school coach before that. anybody who thinks he will repeat last year in Lovie’s get off the buss running offense is crazy. I keep hoping that he will do the Bears a solid and ship Glennon to the Bears where he would be a great backup and future pro bowler playing in trestman’s offense

    • Robert Napier

      It is nice to see people commenting on here. Glennon, Hmmnn. I didn’t think of that. He was more than serviceable down there. I think they’re gonna draft a QB anyway.

    • Sinclair Phos

      I don’t know who the bigger dipshit is in the Lovie/Mccown transaction. Lovie is not smart enough to know that McCown’s success was primarily based on his circumstances (a career body of work points to this fact), and what is fascinating is a few of those years of garbage years were on Lovie’s watch. McCown knows that Lovie knows shit about offense, is not committed to improving an offense nor does he know how to. I understand money talks….I really hope Josh is laughing all the way to the bank knowing the joke is on Smith

    • Dart Vade

      Yeah its very odd, for a guy who was out of football 2 years ago and then plays really well in 4 games or so and every talking head on TV talks about how this was a no brain signing and he has “all the tools”. Why is it if he is so good and played in teh league for quite sometime that everyone forgot about him and still forgot about him when the Bears signed him? Im amzed how NFL personel fall in love with stats as much as people who play fantasy football. Its sure to be a disaster, but Josh was such a nice guy and that is the only thing making me root for him.