Nov 16, 2013; Auburn, AL, USA; Georgia Bulldogs quarterback Aaron Murray (11) throws the ball to running back Todd Gurley (3) during the fourth quarter against the Auburn Tigers at Jordan Hare Stadium. The Tigers won 43-38. Mandatory Credit: John Reed-USA TODAY Sports

Bears to draft a QB sooner than later?

Nov 23, 2013; Laramie, WY, USA; Wyoming Cowboys quarterback Brett Smith (16) warms up before the game against the the Hawaii Warriors at War Memorial Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Troy Babbitt-USA TODAY Sports

Since the Bears found none of the veteran back ups appetizing and only three remain (Grossman, Kolb and Garrard) it would appear the draft is the focal point in finding that third QB. Even Emery alluded last week that he would seriously consider drafting a QB.  The reality of it is this, they have to draft a QB and the sooner the better. This is not about Palmer being a suitable backup, he probably is, but he won’t be around much longer.  In fact, the word is that Palmer will be seeking a coaching position in the near future, and with his Pro Day work with Bortles that may come to pass soon.

The fact remains, the Bears need to find a Quarterback that they can have in  place to back up Cutler for the next three years or longer.  That would never have happened with a veteran for they want far too much money and/or the chance to start.  This leaves the draft, and I suspect Emery and Trestman knew that all along.  Now when will it happen in the draft?  Some, or if not most, say later than sooner, I am of the sooner than later school. Third round would be fine by me and in truth, finding a solid back up is far too important to be left to late rounds or the CFA.

This is one area that I believe Emery will defer to Trestman and Cavanaugh.  If the right player is there at round three, Emery is going to take him. The wild card in this QB draft is what happens to the top four of five.  If they slide as many are predicting now, then the Bears might be able to wait, but if a run starts it could force the Bears to go higher than maybe they planned.  The key is, the can’t dally around with the QB pick. Far too important now!

So who then?  Well, Trestman has been clear on what he wants in a back up quarterback and its not about mechanics. He wants a leader, someone that is smart enough to learn the system with minimal snaps.  A player that has a strong presence in the meeting room and is ready to go and manage the team and game. I wrote about Aaron Murray out of Georgia last week and he meets all of Trestman requirements.  If the supposed top QB’s slip he could be there at three. Others wise, the Bears might consider the following.

1. David Fales, San Jose State.  I am not concerned with any mechanics that need coaching. What he does bring to the table is experience, a cool presence and strong work ethic.  Is known to be well prepared to play and has  strong grasp of the west coast offense.  Has shown good game management skills and is well suited to be a long term back up.

2. Brett Smith, Wyoming.  One word to describe Smith is tough.  A hard worker with a relentless passion for the game. Plays with a chip on his shoulder and has a good knack for reading his progressions and reads defenses well at pre snap.  Team captain for two years and started for three years.

3. Taj Boyd, Clemson.  Has already met with the Bears and probably will be available later.  Fit’s all of Trestman’s requirements. Strong leader, cool and collected regardless of the game situation.  Strong physically and tough competitor and poised in the pocket.

4. Logan Thomas, Virginia Tech.  At one time he was considered a late round selection.  That has changed somewhat as he shown well in private workouts.  No doubt his size (6’6″ 248#) is impressive. For the Bears, it’s about his poise, toughness and smarts which he possesses all three.  While he has a positive attitude and a hard worker he is still raw. He might be a stretch to be relied on to soon, but he is intriguing.

I avoided the obvious QB’s like Garoppolo, Mettenberger and McCarron for they are viewed as starters.  I also left out Jordan Lynch from NIU, due to him being a multi positional player.  The five QB’s listed are all destined to be career backups with some spot starting capabilities.  Some might argue other than Murray the listed QB’s will be around later, and I can’t debate that. The point is can the Bears take that chance? 

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  • John Mack

    Is it out place to look at this from another angle? If any of the top five slip, AND the Bears have traded down, is it unrealistic to aim for one of those top five still available in the first round? Specifically if Bortles, Bridgewater, or Manziel are still on the board at say #30 and we’ve gotten additional 2nd and 3rd round picks, would it be out of order to draft the future? They can sit behind Jay for 3 years, in this system and then we can turn the horse & buggy over to them in a Favre-to-Rogers like manner. There’s enough defensive depth in the draft that I believe we could still get our D-Lineman and secondary players between rounds 2-3.

    • John Vassar

      Not out of place at all and your angle has crossed my mind. I was trying to look at if all things remained the same and the focus was just a back up and not the future Cutler replacement. If your scenario played out, all those you listed with the exception of Manziel would work. Since Palmer worked with Bortles who knows eh? I also agree with you on the D depth, there will be plenty around in the second and third rounds.

  • Nick Garren

    AJ McCarron is the best QB in the draft. The next Tom Brady

    • John Vassar

      The premise of the article was to look at long term backups not any future starters. McCarron would be interesting though.

  • Mike Flannery

    Emery has also said multiple times that he prefers tall QBs, at least 6’3 with 6’5 being ideal. Wonder if that rules out some of these guys like Murray (6’1), Fales (6’2), Boyd (6’1) & Smith (6’2).

    I think a later round (4-6), taller QB like Gilbert, Pachall, Renner, or Matthews is going to be the guy the Bears groom as a backup.

    Here is only place I could find it written, but I’ve heard him say it on the radio as well:

    • John Vassar

      Mike, Thanks for the article on Emery’s views on QB’s. In the end, it is Trestman that will make the call on who he wants. I agree on Pachall and Renner coming in as CFA’s. The question is does Emery and Trestman feel they can go that route? Or do they feel the need to get a more proven QB to groom?

  • bobportcharlotte

    This morning John Gruden said Arron Murray was his sleeper QB pick. Gruden REALLY likes Murray who is projected to go between the 4th and 5th round by

  • bobportcharlotte

    Gruden said this on ESPN on the morning of 4/25/14. He also raved about Johnny Manziel!