Donovan McNabb the Latest to Criticize Jay Cutler

If quarterback-turned-analyst Donovan McNabb wants to make it off the field, he’s got to stop taking the lazy path and do some homework before making a fool out of himself.  McNabb chatted up Jarrett, Harry and Spike on The Game just before the holiday weekend and didn’t hesitate to talk about Jay Cutler and his new contract:

“I think Jay might be the luckiest dude in Chicago, to be honest with you, with the contract that he received for what we haven’t seen thus far,” McNabb said. “Don’t get me wrong, I think Jay’s got a strong arm, I think the sky’s the limit for him. But for what we’ve seen in Chicago, when you didn’t finish the NFC Championship — which it was due to injury. But even with that, you haven’t been able to get past that hump you needed. One game to get into the playoffs, you couldn’t get it done. Caleb Hanie comes in to play, Josh McCown comes in to play, and then contract comes up and you get paid like a top-three, top-four quarterback? I mean, are you serious? For what we’ve seen? If he doesn’t do it this year, it’s going to end up being a mistake.”

McNabb sounds either bitter or out of town stupid when making those kinds of comments.  First, haven’t we all put the “didn’t finish the NFC Championship” behind us?  Even McNabb caught himself and said it was due to injury.  So if it was due to injury, why bring it up?

Next, he talks about Caleb Hanie coming in to play.  Play in the NFC Championship game, yes.  But did he win the game?  Um, no.  Then, the next season, when Cutler went out with injury and needed to win just ONE game in the easiest stretch of the season but went 0-4 and looked awful in the process.

Cutler’s average per year contract of $18 million has him ranked as the 7th ranked in pay, not top 3 or top 4 as McNabb stated.  How hard is it to look that up?  It took me about 5 seconds to find that nugget.

Now let’s consider McNabb the player.  Yes, he had a good measure of success in Andy Reid‘s quarterback friendly West Coast offense.  He was named to 6 Pro Bowls and went to one Super Bowl, which some, including former teammate Terrell Owens, said he choked away.  But McNabb’s 85.6 career passer rating looks awfully close to Cutler’s 84.6 passer rating.  Cutler’s 61% completion percentage actually comes in a tick higher than McNabb’s 59.4 completion percentage.  McNabb had a better TD to INT ratio, but that’s the product of better offensive talent around him in a better system.  In just one season under Marc Trestman, Cutler’s 2013 stats rank comparably with McNabb’s numbers.

For all the success that McNabb had, he never had the kind of payday that Cutler had.  But these are different times, this is the era of the quarterback and the contracts reflect that.  McNabb’s criticism smacks of sour grapes and bitterness.

Donovan, go eat a can of the lifetime supply of Chunky soup that you got, do your homework and get your facts straight before you go and unjustly criticize Cutler and take the easy narrative.

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  • Lloyd A Brodnax

    McNabb is irrelevant! If it were him receiving this type of contract? Exactly… Go away Donovan…

  • darealleo

    McNabb said we paid him like he was a top three or four quarterback. I would like to see him play a whole season then if he fails discussions are needed!!!!

  • Leroy Boyd

    Bitter bitter bitter whining about another players money. I dont recall McCrybaby ever winning anything. Sure he played in superbowls but how many did he win? The truth is coming out about this guy that many people have been saying two faced front running for himself only. Even though he is from Chicago nobody but his Mt. Carmel family might care about him but the Chicago Bear family don’t give one rats azz about McCrybaby or what he has to say about football or Bear players.

  • truthbetold

    How is what he said stupid? It was the absolute truth. And I don’t blame him for bringing up the injury, because sooner or later you will have to consider durability when you’re talking about the ability of a player, and there is ALWAYS something wrong with Jay Cutler. The fact is that despite getting paid top dollar, he’s either been hurt or he’s failed for his entire career. Period. this season, he needs to play the whole season, get to the playoffs, and win. Or this will indeed be a failure whether fans want to face that fact or not.

    • Bob Schoenle

      Guys like you forget that it is a miracle that Cutler wasn’t permanently injured playing behind that sieve of an offensive line and with OCs like Martz and his seven step drop with no protection. When Cutler was out the Bears couldn’t win. Check the record. Trestman’s system is so good that he made a star out of journeyman QB last year. If Cutler had not come out of that title game in the third quarter he very possibly might have received a career ending injury due to his knee. He was that close to a permanent injury which was not appreciated by clowns like Dion Sanders who raked Cutler for not finishing the game. This is the same Dion Sanders who sat out a year from having a booboo on his big toe. Guys like him and you are a joke!

      • truthbetold

        Dude, stop whining. seriously I should have broken out the violins for that little speech. I’m not at all interested in what COULD HAVE happened to Jay Cutler. I’m only interested in what actually happens. The facts. and the fact, again, is that there’s always something wrong with him. Some people would say screw him because he’s fragile. some people would say cut him slack because it’s not his fault. Those are just opinions. But the FACT is that he’s always hurt, and that’s a problem. that’s all I care about.

        And then there is what he does when he’s on the field. nobody can deny that Jay Cutler is very physically talented. But the absolute fact is that he’s a mistake maker. go look at his career numbers. in every single year he’s been in the NFL, from rookie until right now, he’s thrown nearly as many interceptions as he has touchdowns. That is simply not going to cut it. In order to live up to that contract and win, he’s going to have to stay healthy and make fewer mistakes. if he doesn’t do those two things, he will continue to fail despite having talent. period.

        • Bob Schoenle

          I am being logical with you and you call it whining. Are you kidding? Are you unaware that no one got hammered like Cutler who always got up without saying a word? Do you really think that Manning or Brady or whatever QB you care to name would have been more successful without having a number one receiver and no offensive line for protection? What guys like you overlook is that football is a ‘team game.’

          My pick for the best QB of all time is Dan Marino. Did he ever win a Super Bowl? No. But Trent Dilfer did. I have learned that it is an exercise in futility to be logical and rational with guys like you. I just know that if Cutler won the Super Bowl with the Bears that he still would not get any credit from people like you. The credit, from you, would then go to the team for winning and not Cutler. You are a lost cause!

          • truthbetold

            Yes, you are whining and you’re adding in a lot of irrelevant shit. This is not about any other quarterback than Jay Cutler, and who cares if he got up with a word? Nobody said he was a pussy. Just stated the fact that he is injury prone. That is not his fault, his body just can’t take a bruising without something serious happening. Simple as that. It doesn’t change the fact that again, he is a mistake maker, and that he has to stay healthy. If those two things don’t happen, he will not lead this team to victory. If these 2 things do happen, he has a better chance of winning something significant. Again, there is not much to argue about anything I’ve said, so I don’t see why you’re flying off the handle. If you think Marino is the best ever, then ok. That’s your opinion. My opinion is that I would never in a million years place a guy who didn’t lead his team to victory over Joe Montana or even Tom and Peyton. If Cutler can’t status healthy and cut back on his mistakes, he will be a distant memory. “That guy who was pretty good but didn’t do much in his career”. That is what people will say about him.

  • Scott

    McNabb is still crying like a baby for getting booed when he was drafted. LOL

  • Dave Rodewald

    Mcmoron have you ever heard the saying contempt prior to need to start acting like a analyst.and stop going off half cocked.Behave yourself ROOKIE!

  • Buddy guy

    Donovan who?