Moron Creates Hester Rumors


Normally I enjoy using my blogging time to write educated, thought provoking articles about the Chicago Bears. I have to detour from my normal blogging to highlight the stupidity of rumor blogs that I am reading online. One in particular caught my attention in addressing the Bears attempts to sign Devin Hester to a long-term contract.

A blogger on that goes by the handle name “tcbailey24” needs to stop drinking Philadelphia Eagle Kool-aid since he thinks every player in the NFL is going to end up on their roster. Here is a link to the article:

Not only does he consider a done deal that Chad Johnson will be traded to the Eagles for Lito Sheppard, but that the Bears would also be interested in trading Devin Hester to the Eagles. First off, in all the Chad Johnson talk going on, and boy have we heard enough of it, I have never heard one mention that Ocho Cinco would be interested in going to Philadelphia. All roads seem to lead to the Washington Redskins putting together a serious offer to present to the Cincinnati Bengals.

Let’s back up for a moment. The article assumes that the Eagles will be able to make a play for Chad Johnson, Anquan Boldin, Larry Fitzgerald, and Brandon Marshall. Did I miss something in the last few days? Larry Fitzgerald already resigned with the Arizona Cardinals and are considering moving Boldin. I fail to see how both receivers will find their way onto the Eagles roster. Furthermore, how would the Eagles be able to put together two trade offers with enough talent to convince two different teams to give them their Pro Bowl wide receivers. So right from the start this kid appears to be living in fantasy land with his wife, Carmen Electra, and his goose that lays golden eggs.

Now come to the second part where he assumes that an article in the Chicago Sun Times about Hester unhappy about contract negotiations must mean that he will be traded to the Eagles. The Lance Briggs saga should have taught us all the unhappiness about contract negotiations has become as much a part of the NFL as the jock strap. No one really wants to focus on it but we know it’s there.

Any idea what the Bears would want in exchange for Hester, possibly the most gifted return man in the history of the NFL? Almost as much as the Eagles would have to give up to get Chad Johnson or Anquan Boldin. Hester put up more touchdowns that any player on offense last season and the Bears have no plans on letting him go to another team. With the amount of talent the Eagles would have to trade away to accomplish this lofty goal I hope Hester and Ocho Cinco don’t mind playing on both sides of the ball.

The Bears are in a difficult situation where they must pay Tommie Harris and Devin Hester blockbuster contracts for their positions respectively. Harris is one of the best young defensive tackles in the league and Hester is already considering one of the best return men to ever play the game, let alone one of the most exciting players in football. Every time the opposing punter comes on the field, there is a buzz in the crowd to see Hester get the ball. Both players will be resigned, but there will have to be a give and take to reward them with big contracts but not deplete all of the Bears salary cap space.

So before everyone creates Hester trade scenarios, let’s just step back and take a deep breath. All bloggers are not created equal, and in the case of this YardBarker contributor, some are complete morons.