Urlacher Quiet For Now


Brian Urlacher gave the Chicago Bears a jolt a few months back when he announced he wanted to rework the four remaining years of his contract for a raise.  The Bears were not excited about the face of their team demanding a new deal or boycot team activities.  General Manager Jerry Angelo announced to the press that if Urlacher wants a new deal, the best way to get it is by showing up to OTA’s (Organized Team Activities). 

Urlacher originally stated he wanted nothing to do with OTA’s and was going to stay in Arizona, but he showed up last week for OTA’s and has been leading the first team defense.  It really has more to do with common sense than anything else.  Urlacher is coming off a season with issues of arthritis in his back and surgery on his neck.  The only way he can show the team he merits a new deal is by getting on the practice field and showing the organization he is in good health.

It looks like the Bears will be able to avoid an ugly situation with their most popular player and work something out before the start of the season.  Both sides took a level-headed approach and are waiting to see how Urlacher performs on the field before they work out numbers.