Favre Can Have Last Laugh In Chicago


The sports world as been buzzing about the possibility to Brett Favre returning to football.  When I first heard the news break you could hear the sound of John Madden dropping his Turducken and dancing with joy.  The problem is the Green Bay Packers don’t seem to really want Favre to come back, they are ready to move on and usher in a new quarterback.  Well I have the solution, Favre should have the last laugh and come play for the Chicago Bears.

Wouldn’t that really be poetic justice?  After all his years of whipping the Bears and now being thrown away by his team, he could jump the border and be quarterback for Chicago.  I don’t think anyone would blink an eye to take the ball away from Rex Grossman and put it in the hands of Favre.  Plus it would be good for football.  The Monday Night Football match up between the Bears and Packers on December 22nd would become a highlight for the season schedule.  I think it’s pretty much settled, Brett Favre should sign with the Chicago Bears.

We can get his number 4 jersey all ready for him and get him out on the football field pronto.  Hell we can even start training camp right now if that would make him happy.  Whatever you want Brett, we aim to please to Chicago.

The move would return balance to the football world in Chicago.  I don’t think any of us have fully recovered from the sight of Jim McMahon in the Packers uniform when he was Favre’s backup in 1996 and won his second Super Bowl ring.  Ever since that day Chicago has been a black hole for quarterbacks and has cursed the soil of Soldier Field.  The sight of Favre in a Bears uniform may serve to counter the McMahon curse and restore balance to the force.  McMahon tried to fix the blasphemy of his actions by wearing his Bears jersey when the Packers went to the White House but the damage still exists.  Brett Favre, you are the only one who save us.  You are the only one that can piss off the entire State of Wisconsin enough to allow Bears fans to dance in the street. 

Imagine how much fun it would be to make the playoffs with your hated rival and win the Super Bowl one last time.  You are even guaranteed two chances to play the Packers and show them why Aaron Rogers looks like Yianni in a helmet.  You proved last year that you know how to play well with young running backs and talented young receivers.  We have both of those covered.  We have a great defense like you had in Green Bay that can cover for your occasional mistake.  Believe me, our defense is extremely skilled at covering the mistakes of their quarterback.

I think it’s settled, Brett Favre, you should come down and play for the Chicago Bears.