I Stand By My Season Predictions


The bloggers of FanSided Blogs got together and we did a prediction for the upcoming NFL season for BallHype. Each of the 32 bloggers made a list predicting how the NFL teams will finish at the end of the season. The results were very different.

I’ve been criticized for a few of my choices but I stand pat on how I think this season will play out. Here is the list that I submitted to the group:

1. New England Patriots

2. Dallas Cowboys

3. Pittsburgh Steelers

4. San Diego Chargers

5. Indianapolis Colts

6. New Orleans Saints

7. Jacksonville Jaguars

8. Minnesota Vikings

9. San Francisco 49ers

10. Carolina Panthers

10. Buffalo Bills

11. New York Jets

12. Cleveland Browns

13. Philadelphia Eagles

14. Chicago Bears

15. Tennessee Titans

16. Washington Redskins

18. Tampa Bay Bucs

19. Denver Broncos

20. Arizona Cardinals

21. Green Bay Packers

22. St. Louis Rams

23. Houston Texans

24. Kansas City Chiefs

25. Seattle Seahawks

26. Cincinnati Bengals

27. New York Giants

28. Baltimore Ravens

29. Miami Dolphins

30. Oakland Raiders

31. Detroit Lions

32. Atlanta Falcons

You can click the link at the top to see the final standings reached by the collective group. I will tell you that I’ve taken some criticism for putting the New York Giants at #27. However, everyone seems to forget that the Giants struggled until they got hot at the end of last season. People also seem to forget that their pass rush is what got them a Super Bowl win and they now don’t have their two best pass rushers. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if Eli Manning goes back to being the slightly mediocre quarterback he was before the end of last season. History also suggests that every representative of the NFC that has gone to the Super Bowl in recent memory does not even make the playoffs the next season.

I was also called out for putting the Seattle Seahawks at #25. I feel very strongly that the Seahawks are not a very good team. In fact, I feel very strongly that the Seahawks have not been a good team for several years. They have had the advantage of playing six games a year against the Rams, 49’ers, and Cardinals, which has basically been automatic wins the way those three franchises have faltered. Put them in the NFC East with the Cowboys, Eagles, and Redskins for six games and they would get their ass whipped. I think this just might be the year that the Seahawks lose their grasp over the NFC West. The Cardinals are looking stronger despite quarterback issues, I think the Rams can bounce back strong after a dismal showing last season, and the 49’ers defense showed some life this preseason.

I’ll throw out a few more predictions because it’s fun to look back at towards the end of the season….

I think the Buffalo Bills got something good going. They don’t have anything near the talent of New England or any of the other AFC power houses. However, they have some skill and they fight hard and they’ll make a lot of good games to watch. Switch divisions with Buffalo and Seattle and Buffalo wins that division and the Seahawks look like a rebuilding team.

Up until a few weeks ago I thought Minnesota had the best chance to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. All that went out the window when Adam Jones was cleared to play. The Cowboys defense just went from good to great. The road to the big show will go through Dallas this year and I don’t think the Vikings have enough to get past them.

The Steelers are staying under the radar and I think they like it that way. They have the talent to run the table on the entire NFL, including New England. Watch out for them.

I don’t think Shawne Merriman makes it through week eight without tearing up the leg and possibly ending his career.

It’s hard to run a high scoring offense without a good line. The Colts are starting the season with serious issues on the offensive line and could have a rough first half of the season.

I feel like either the Bengals or the Browns will do well this year. Both will not succeed or fail, one will do well and the other will do poorly. I can’t explain it but I feel a ying-yang relationship between these two teams with poor defense and high octane offense.

How much longer will Ray Lewis play for a crappy Ravens team? I wouldn’t be shocked if the retirement talk begins at some point during the season.

Without Brett Favre at quarterback, the Packers will face eight men in the box and struggle to score points. I don’t know if that defense is ready to carry the load the way the Bears defense shoulders the load every week.

Enough fun for now, more predictions to come tomorrow. Stay tuned.