Pre-game thoughts


Just wanted to post a few pre-game thoughts prior to kickoff.  In no particular order:

  • It’s cold out there!  Do not give the Jags a warm welcome!
  • Pressure David Garrard.  He needs to spend significant time on his backside today.
  • Kevin Jones is inactive for the 4th straighT game.  The end is near, KJ. 
  • Also noticed that Matt Toeaina is inactive.  With Dusty Dvorcek OUT and Anthony Adams dinged up, I hope there is no lack of depth at DT position today.
  • I’m starting Maurice Jones-Drew today in Round 1 of my fantasy playoffs, so if the Bears let the Jags score at all, let it be Mo-Jo.  I know, Blasphemy!  I can take it if I win.
  • David Haugh wrote a nice piece evaluating the Bears’ roster in the Chicago Tribune today.  Maybe David’s jumping the gun, since this is something you really start to think about when the season is over.  The Beloved are still solidly in the playoff picture, so let’s worry about next year after this year is over.  Nevertheless, it’s a good article and I suggest you check it out :,0,4370382.column
  •  I can’t believe that a judge has issued a temporary injunction to allow the Williams boys (and the three Saints) play today.  I hope that judge gets a dose of common sense and the 4 game suspensions are upheld.
  • As much as l like to see the Lions suffer and would love to see them go 0-16, I will be rooting for them to beat the Vikes today.  Maybe Ford can use some of that Federal bailout money to fix the Lions!