Lower the Boom!!!


Here’s another weekly feature that I’m trying to cram in during the short week.  I’ll tee up someone that has said or done something stupid and Lower the Boom on them.   Feel free to pile on in the Comments.

Since this is my first such post, there is certainly a worthy list of candidates that I have in my sights, but none seems more worthy than U.S. District Judge Paul Magnuson, the Minnesota judge who has blocked the suspensions of five NFL players, including two Minnesota Vikings and three New Orleans Saints.  

It’s bad enough that the judge is actually involved in an issue that is collectively bargained with the NFLPA, but he’s now had the case for a week and has not ruled on it yet.  Sounds a lot like stalling to me.  What’s the matter judge, too many fishing and hunting licenses to approve up North there?   How long is this going to drag out?  And how is it that a Minnesota judge is ruling on a case that is so pivotal to the Vikings’ playoff chances.  Conflict of interest anyone?

The rule sounds simple enough to me: each player is responsible for what goes into their body.  Period.  It’s that simply, Judge Magnuson.  Now step aside and let the NFL discipline their players.  BOOM!!!