Bears defeat Saints 27-24 in OT


Hey gang.  Just a few quick thoughts on the game before I hit the sack.   There is a LOT more to follow over the weekend.

  • Danieal Manning = Good!  Real Good!  Devin, stick to getting pass interference calls.  Special side note when returning punts, run the ball forward
  • Matt Forte = Heart!  Pure Heart!  Compare and contrast with that bust from Texas that got a boo boo during the SUPER BOWL (the biggest game of his life) and couldn’t get himself back on the field.
  • It pains me to say this, but as much as we like blaming Rex Grossman for fumbling snaps, maybe it was Olin Kreutz all along.    
  • Thanks to the Browns for showing up.  Alex with a big sack and Mike with a big pick.  Nice going boys!  And a special shoutout to Adewale Ogunleye for a terrific INT of his own. 
  • It was nice to see the fake punt.  It would have been nicer to see the refs make the right call on the catch downfield.  I don’t know what he’s looking at in that peep show booth, but it sure looked like Adrian Peterson’s elbow hit the ground with possession of the ball.
  • BTW, Chris Collinsworth annoys the living crap out of me! 
  • Really bad play calling in the 4th quarter probably should have cost the Bears the game.  After the headsets wires get crossed up and Ron Turner is somehow calling the Saints short yardage plays and the Bears Defense comes up with a HUGE stop, the Bears take over and come out throwing!!!  Now is the time to run the ball and play keep away.  Instead, two plays in and Orton gets picked.  Next thing you know, the Saints are up and the season is in jeopardy.  
  • I think the Bears’ Defense is the only one in the league that is better on 3rd and inches than on 3rd and 15!  Any time they’d like to cover the middle of the field in the vicinity of the first down marker would be fine by me.  Paging Bob Babich, paging Bob Babich.  Bob!  Wake up! Blink once if you understand.
  • Rashied Davis, I heard the Chicago Rush’s season will go on.  Tryouts to be held a week from Monday night.  Please don’t miss them.  Trust me.
  • Overheard in the end zone with a few seconds left, Greg Olsen asked Jason David to at least buy him a drink before taking advantage of him.  What was the ref watching there?  Geez!
  • “Let’s go Cardinals!!! ” And he sat back in his chair and sipped his beer.