Urlacher Blasts Critics


Sorry I’ve been off the grid for the last couple of days.  As Rex Grossman would remind you, I had a little too much to prepare for with the big New Years celebration and wasn’t focused on the task at hand.  HAPPY 2009 Bears fans!!! May the coming year bring health, happiness and a Super Bowl!!!

Bears middle linebacker Brian Urlacher made his biggest hit of the season in blasting his critics, as reported by Vaughn McClure in the Chicago Tribune on December 31st.

"“I’m tired of criticism that is unwarranted,” he said. “People who say stuff about me, they don’t know our defense. They don’t know football.“Yes, I wish I would have made a lot more big plays. Obviously, everyone could say that on our defense. I wish I was around the ball more, but I wasn’t. Just the way things worked out this season.”"

OK Brian, I get it.  I understand your frustration.  If I worked for a guy like Bob Babich, who handed me the weekly game plan written in crayon, I would be ticked too.  But the scheme the Bears employ did not cause you to get blocked like this.

That’s not a 300 pound lineman blocking you; it’s Maurice Jones-Drew, the 5’7″ 208 lb running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars who appears to have you blocked.  Maybe that’s the scheme.  Maybe it’s the fact that you’ve never been able to shed blockers and enjoyed your greatest success when Mark Hatley dropped 700 pounds of ass into the middle of the Defensive Line with Ted Washington and Keith Traylor to keep blockers tied up.  Maybe it’s the fact that your skills have diminished and you’ve lost a step.

It’s tough to realize that you’ve lost a step.  I came to grips with that as I nursed a hangover yesterday after drinking an amount on New Years Eve that wouldn’t have phased me ten years ago.  I’ve lost a step.  There, I said it.  Brian, it’s time for you to say it too.