Greatest Super Bowl Team Ever


The Super Bowl XX winning 1985 Chicago Bears were named the greatest Super Bowl team ever by Fox Sports’ Adrian Hasenmayer.  He says it, so it must be true.

"The 1985 Bears encompassed all you could want in a Super Bowl champion — a dominant team that finished the regular season 15-1, smashing defensive records in the process. Plus they had plenty of flavor, as judged by their classic “Super Bowl Shuffle” rap video that became a trend-setter among 1980s sports teams. Throw in wild personalities like Jim McMahon, William “Refrigerator” Perry plus head coach “Iron” Mike Ditka and even defensive coordinator Buddy Ryan, and it’s no wonder Chicago couldn’t sustain its invincibility. But for one 1985 season and 46-10 blowout of New England on Super Sunday, no team was ever better."

Check out the rest of the best.   There are some impressive teams on the list, but as we all know,  the ’85 Bears stand alone as the greatest Super Bowl team of all time.

A list of the best wouldn’t be complete without a list of the worst, where Hasenmayer tabs the 2008 Arizona Cardinals at the bottom of the class.

"This is good news for Ken Whisenhunt, who gets another two weeks to play the “no respect” card. But as impressive as this playoff run has been, when ranking the worst Super Bowl teams of all time, we must go on the full resume. Being one of only two 9-7 teams ever to reach the Super Bowl speaks for itself, but getting blown out late in the season by scores of 35-14, 48-20 and 47-7 (at New England) will get you high on the list."

Yo Adrian, aren’t you jumping the gun a bit?!?!  There’s a reason they play the game, isn’t there?  I guess all those companies should stop doling out $3+ million per 30 second commercial for the big game, because we shouldn’t even bother watching.  Let’s hold judgement until a week from Monday.  Who knows, the Cardinals may surprise us?