Bears fans’ “loyalty and passion” pays off


The Chicago Bears announced that they will not raise ticket prices for the 2009 season. This marks the first time since 2000 that the Bears will not raise ticket prices in some way.

"In a letter being sent to season ticket-holders, Bears President Ted Phillips wrote that holding the line on ticket prices is a reward for the fans’ loyalty and passion."

Phillips commenting on the organization’s decision from the Sun Times:

"“Frankly, it’s really no more complicated than taking a look at the very challenging economic environment that every fan, every person in America is facing,” Phillips said of the team¹s decision “It’s not just a down economic year, it’s an unprecedented situation that has huge impact on every citizen, and we felt for that reason it was the right thing to do.”"

As a matter of fact, the Bears will actually pull in less revenue than in 2008 because the City of Chicago has raised the amusement tax by one percent to 9 percent.  Fear not faithful, Phillips assures us that this will not hamper the Bears spending spree in the upcoming Free Agency period:

"“The short answer is no,” Phillips said when asked if Angelo’s budget would be impacted. “We’ve set that budget for the cash that we can spend on players. It’s typically pegged right around the cap and so it will be again this year. That being said, we are taking a look at every department and trying to find ways to cut back expenses and try to make operations more efficient.”"

I have to give the team credit for not raising prices in these challenging economic times and frankly I’m shocked by this announcement.  That being said, I don’t believe a word they say about not letting it affect their free agent plans.   I didn’t expect the Bears to break the bank before this announcement and certainly don’t expect any bold moves after it.