Chris Simms slipping away


UPDATE:  As reader Bruce correctly points out, Simms finished the season with the Titans, so they have exclusive negotiating rights with him.  Jerry Angelo can only do what the rest of us can; sit around and hope Simms doesn’t sign with the Titans and enters free agency on February 27th.  Thanks Bruce!

If Jerry Angelo plans to add Chris Simms to the Bears QB mix, he’d better get with it.  Vaughn McClure reports in his Huddle Up blog that Simms is leaning toward signing with the Tennessee Titans.  Simms has long been coveted by the Bears and Jerry Angelo.   With Luke McCown and David Carr already off the market, the veteran backup crop of QB’s is thinning.  Byron Leftwich, Ken Dorsey and J.T. O’Sullivan are still out there.  YEESH!

Not sure where Simms thinks he fits in with Tennessee, who apparently have promised Kerry Collins the starting job and still have former first rounder Vince Youngin the wings.   If Simms has the confidence and desire to be a starter, Chicago is the best destination for him, where he’d be competing with Kyle Orton and a couple of potential clipboard holders in Brett Basanez and Caleb Hanie that have combined for about as many regular season NFL snaps as yours truly.

On the other hand, if Simms goes to the Titans, it’s unlikely they’ll keep both Young and Collins.  Would either of those guys be a better option than what the Bears currently have on their roster?