Bear Buzz


Here are some items buzzing around in my head today as I ponder the Illini’s chances of pulling the ‘upset’ over 12 seed Western Kentucky:

Hakeem Nicks

 You’ve been Shooped!  Thanks for playing, but an endorsement from former Bears OC John Shoop is as meaningful to me as Sideshow Bob’s Final Four picks.    Shoop, who used the pass to set up the punt under Dick Jauron, is now the OC at UNC.   Said Shoop:

"Hakeem is a fine player and he reminds me a lot of Muhsin Muhammad. He’s ultracompetitive. Gosh, what a great young man."

Um, where do I go?

Apparently all wide receiver Earl Bennett had to do to get on the field was learn the plays.   The SEC’s all-time leading receiver could get on the field last seaosn because he couldn’t learn the playbook.  Didn’t he go to Vandy, where they’re supposed to be smart?  Besides, not knowing where to go never kept Devin Hester off the field a couple of years ago.  Maybe if the Bears draft the Moose Muhammed-like Hakeem Nicks, he could tell Bennett where to line up?

Mark Anderson + Rod Marinelli = Simeon Rice?

The Bears’ biggest offseason acquisition, defensive line coach Rod Marinelli had this to say about Mark Anderson, he of 2 sacks in his last 26 games, when comparing to former pupil Simeon Rice:

"”They’ve got some things that are similar,” Marinelli said. ”A good feel, the raw speed up the field. There’s no doubt [Anderson can regain his form]. He’s got a great motor. From what I’ve had a chance to see, he’s got really good movement. Very explosive.”"

I hope you’re right Rod!

Line Shift

The Frank Omiyale to Left Guard lasted all but one day.  Omiyale moved to Right Tackle on Day 2 of mini-camp.  How many days ’til we draft a pre-injured right tackle of the future?