Bear Goggles On Live Draft Diary


Dear Diary,

Isn’t Jay Cutler awesome?  We are so lucky to have him.  Oh, you mean you weren’t expecting that kind of diary?  I guess we’ll try it another way.

8:03 Bears have nine picks tomorrow: two 3’s, two 4’s, two 5’s a 6 and two 7’s.   See ya’ll Sunday for Dear Diary Part II.

8:00 Cowboys pass?  Trade pick to Buffalo, who pick Levitra, endorsed by Da Coach.

7:55 Hey look, Cleveland takes Massaquoi at #50 after Seattle took C Max Unger in the Bears spot at 49.  Two receivers for the Brownies.  Braylon Edwards is outta there and the Bears won’ t be doing anything until Sunday.

7:50 Bears send No. 49 pick to Seattle for No. 68 in third round and No. 105 in fourth round.  See you all tomorrow Bears fans.  I’m going to watch the Blackhawks!

7:46 The Bears trade down with the Seahawks.  I suspect my friend Louie has something to do with this deal.  WTF???

7:44 The Broncos select Darcel McBath.  The Bears are finally on the clock.

7:40 Broncos on the clock after Raiders select safety Michael MitchellMoore or Massaquoi will be there for the Bears.  Got to take the WR, right?

7:36 Cinci takes LB Connor Barwin.  Two LB’s?  I guess they’ll need to play some defense when Benson coughs it up.  Raiders on the clock, Broncos on deck, Bears in the hole.

7:32 The Giants select LB Clint Sintim out of Virginia.  Don’t worry, I don’t know him either.  Bears still hangin’ in there with a couple our guys still on the board.

7:29 Dolphins select the ultimate Wildcat player in QB Pat White.  Will be interesting to see how they integrate him into their offense next season.

7:23 Carolina Panthers trade up to take Everette Brown, DE out of Florida State.  Scratch him off the Bears’ board.  Probably for the best, I wasn’t too high on taking a DE in this slot.

7:20 No breaks yet on the Bears front.  A couple of guys still on my board for the Bears are out there.  Only a few more picks to go.

7:00 We’re at #38 by the Bungles.  They end Rey Maualuga’s misery and take the third USC Linebacker.  10 picks to go for the Bears and pickings are slim for receivers and safeties, their top 2 needs.  But hey, we got Jay Cutler.

6:48 Robiske is now off the board.  Looks like it will have to be Massaquoi or Iglesias for the Bears.  Any chance for Boldin?

6:40 Damn!  My 9-week old just doesn’t get the draft!  Sorry for missing the tail end of the first round.  Trying to get caught up and gear up for the Bears pick.  We’ll see what happens!

5:20 Detroit is up with #20.  They take OK State TE Brandon Pettigrew.  Kind of a surprise here.  I expected a defensive player for the hapless Lions.  I can’t help but use “the hapless Lions” every time I refer to Detroit’s football team.

5:15 The Eagles select Jeremy Maclin.  He could be a great weapon to match up with DeSean Jackson.  The Eagles taking some heat for not making a trade for Boldin after using their 1st round pick on a wideout.  Could the Bears still have a shot at Boldin?

5:14 The Browns trade again!  The Eagles are on the clock.  Do they take Maclin?

5:08 The Broncos are on the clock in the Bears slot.  Interesting to see who is still on the board.  We could’ve had Jeremy Maclin or Percy Harvin.  The Broncos select DE Robert Ayers out of Tennessee.  But hey, we got Jay Cutler!

5:04 Browns wheeling and dealing.  Trade down two spots to #19 with the Bucs and get their 6th rounder.  Josh Freeman headed to Tampa.

4:56 The Browns are now on the clock in the spot they acquired from the Jets.  Do they select a receiver here?   Maclin anyone?

4:54 The Chargers make Larry English their 1st round selection.  Great for the NIU alum, but this seems like a reach.

4:50 The Chargers are on the clock as we are about to hit the turn on the first round.  Maclin is sliding.  Is there a chance a decent receiver slides to the Bears?  Do they try to pull the trigger to move up?

4:47 USC LB Brian Cushing headed to the Texans.   That’s the second USC player to go already with at least 2 more first rounders expected.  How did these guys not win the National Championship?

4:42 The Saints look to replace new Chicago Bear Josh Bullocks with DB Malcom Jenkins.

4:35 The Skins select DE Brian Orakpo.  That was fast!  This draft is moving!  I wish my Fantasy Football draft could move this fast!

4:33 The Broncos select RB Knowshon Moreno.  Hey kid, go buy yourself a suit!  How many RB’s do the Broncos have?  Let’s see what they do with the Bears pick at #18.

4:30 Bills take Penn State DE Aaron Maybin.  Bear fans – what was your favorite moment of the Michael Haynes era.  What is it with Dick Jauron and Penn State D-linemen?

4:23 Niners and Samurai Mike take WR Michael Crabtree.   Let’s see him pull that diva receiver routine with Singletary! The press conference might look something like this:

4:17 Just realized that the Bears will face 6 of the first top 10 picks – Detroit, St. Louis, Seattle, Cinci, Green Bay and San Fran.  Wow, we do have an easy schedule!

4:10 BJ Raji is on the phone.  If he’s not ordering a pizza, maybe he’s on with the Pack?  Kreutz, Garza and Omiyale will have their hands full.

4:08 OT Eugene Monroe headed to the JagsPackers are on deck.  Do they dare take Crabtree?  Could give the Bears’ secondary nightmares.

4:00 Could be the start of a run on receivers.

3:58 Raiders select a WR at #7!  Crabtree?  Maclin? Al Davis selects Darrius Heyward-Bey.  Heloves speed and he gets it.

3:56 Andre Smith headed to Cinci.  I’m buying stock in Skyline Chili.

3:45 Cleveland trades #5 down to the J-E-T-S and they select USC QB Mark Sanchez.   Curious to know what the Jets had to fork over to move up from #17 and how that compares to what the Bears gave up for Cutler.

3:40 Mild surprise with Tyson Jackson going that high to the ChiefsAaron Curry headed to Seattle.  Mort is reporting that #5 could be a spot to trade up for Sanchez.  We’ll see.  If not, look for the Browns to take Raji.

3:06 The Lions make it official and select Stafford.  Now it gets interesting.

2:50 First post of the day.  Matthew Stafford should be picking up the check for anything for the rest of his life.  Over $40 million in guaranteed money?!?!? He’s never taken a real snap.  Are you kidding me?

Some rumblings that the Bears might trade down from #49.  Why do I have a feeling I won’t see a draft pick ’til Sunday?