Ditka Offers Jay Cutler Key to City


Da Coach chimed in on the newest Bears savior Jay Cutler recently.  Ditka didn’t exactly endorse the new Bears signal caller, questioning the circumstances of Jay’s departure from Denver.  Commenting on Tony Dungy’s recent analysis of the Jay Cutler acquisition:

"“I don’t think anything about what Tony said is earth-shattering,” Ditka said. “I think it’s a fact. [Cutler] came here under uncertain circumstances. The way he got out of Denver was kind of strange. But the kid is a talent.”"

But Da Coach, master marketer and of the endorsement deal and holder of the key to the City offered Cutler this fine advice:

"“If they win with Jay Cutler and go to the Super Bowl, he will own this city,” he said. “He can have my key.”"

It’s actually shocking that anyone associated with the ’85 Bears is willing to share so much as the key to the executive bathroom at Halas Hall.  Those guys have been milking that Super Bowl title for nearly 25 years.  Do you think they want the current Bears team to take the title so they can just ride into the sunset?  Nah, me neither.  Da Orange-hued Ditka offered Jay some more tips to succeeding in the Windy City:

"“The worst thing that you could ever do in this city is come in here and be a complainer or a whiner,” Ditka said. “If you do that, you have a problem. So I think if he comes in here and shows that he’s the leader of this football team …“From what I understand from talking to the people I talk to, he has been a model citizen, and the city has really embraced him.”“You’ll find out a lot when the pressure’s on,” he said. “We’ll find out once the season starts, when things are either going good or not so good, you find out how people respond to that.”"