Bear Buzz


When I get this far behind on my blogging, I find it’s easiest to bring out the Bear Buzz post to catch up on some loose ends.

Jay Cutler pines for Brandon Marshall

Jay Cutler said all the right things after OTA’s ended last week, saying the Bears are set at receiver, but the new Bears QB let his guard down a bit in a recent interview “off campus” on a visit to William and Mary.

"“I played with Brandon for three years and I think he’s one of the best receivers in the NFL,” Cutler told the Daily Press. “I think he can be one of the greatest ever to play. He’s big and fast, and can do everything you want him to do, on the field and in the meeting room.“I don’t know what we’re going to do. That’s up to the guys upstairs. If we make a run at him, we make a run at him.”"

I guess you can’t blame Jay for talking up his ex-teammate.  I would put long odds against the Bears having enough to get a trade done with the Broncos, but then again, I never thought they’d pull of the Cutler trade!

Devin Hester defends Jay Cutler

No, Devin did not move back to cornerback – remember that experiment?  Yeesh!  No, Dev is simply sticking up for his new QB who has taken some criticism from a couple of ex-coaches and had his leadership questioned before his first game with the Bears.

"“Just from the OTAs we’ve had, our offense has changed a whole lot,” Hester said. “I feel like we’re stronger than we have ever been. I feel like we’re going to take the ball up and down the field. That’s the kind of quarterback Jay brings to this team.”“If we sign a big-time receiver or a free agent receiver who can help our team, I’m glad,” Hester said.“But the guys we have here now, we’re pretty set. [The coaches] just want us to make plays. … Jay is the type of quarterback who is going to find a way to get the job done.”"

Best way to defend Cutler is to catch the ball when it’s on the numbers and score lots of touchdowns!

Mouthpiece Sports caught up with The Ridiculous One after shooting a new Under Armour commercial.

Mike Brown officially out of Chicago

The little glimmer of hope that the Bears might bring Brownie back officially closed today as #30 takes his act to KC.  The Chiefs get a coach on the field; a ballhawking yet oft-injured safety who should be able to secure a starting job if healthy.    I’ve got nothing but the best wishes for Mike Brown, unless he plays the Beloved.

Parking Fees up 50%

The price for parking will go up nearly 50% in some of the prime tailgating spots around Soldier Field.

"The increased costs will cover amenities such as shuttle buses to Soldier Field and toilet facilities, as well as cleaning costs and parking taxes, said a spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Pier & Exposition Authority, which operates the lots."

Some useless city agency feels the need to jack up parking fees to pay for Porta-potties and shuttle buses?  Gimme a break!

Hey – at least the Bears didn’t raise ticket prices, right?  Speaking of tickets, single game tickets go on sale on Saturday, July 25th.

Training camp is just around the corner and with Chicago’s baseball teams basking in mediocrity, it can’t come soon enough.


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