Mike Ditka’s Grabowski Shuffle


I had a Ditka itch and YouTube was able to give me a big time scratch.  I pulled this clip off YouTube and I am left completely speechless.  For those not indoctrinated to the term Grabowski, here is the description that YouTube included:

"Ditka shuffles with the Grabowskis. Mike Ditka considers the term “Grabowski” to refer to any hard-working individual. He refered to his Bears football team as a bunch of Grabowskis in the past, which surely won over the blue-collar fans of Chicago."

Da Coach has always been quick to capitalize on his celebrity with various endorsements, products, restaurants, etc, but to say that this is rock bottom is an understatement.  What was going on back in the 80’s that made this acceptable in any way?   How does this get pitched to Ditka and how can any self-respecting NFL head coach get involved with a project like this?  Can you picture any head coach doing something like this today?  Bill Belichick doing the Spygate Shuffle?

Say what you want about Ditka, but Da Coach is trying to use his celebrity for a good cause nowadays.  Check out his latest project at http://www.gridirongreats.org to help retired players.