The Next Great Pitchman? I have two words – Dit-ka!!!


With the sad and untimely passing of pitchman Billy Mays, there is a huge void in the informercial universe.  Fear not, night owls and couch potatoes!  There is one man that can fill the void without missing a beat – Da Coach, Iron Mike Ditka!  Ditka has an extensive resume that rivals any possible replacement.  Let’s look back at some of Da Coach’s commercials, endorsements and products.  Be sure to check out the video clip for Mike’s Kick Ass Red – my favorite of the bunch.  In the weird and somewhat disturbing category, check out the Sega Commercial with OJ Simpson.

The Protector – you’ve gotta love this classic spot with Dick Butkus.

Chunky Soup – Coach was way better than Mrs. McNabb could ever hope to be!

Sega Genesis – Check out the graphics on this system! Ditka was good, but OJ killed it!

Scott Halftime Flush – insert your toilet humor here

Levitra – with a nickname like Iron Mike, this was a natural fit.

GlaxoSmithKline – Mike Ditka’s Levitra Challenge | Super Bowl Ads |

Diana Pearl – whatever the hell that is.

Coors Light – two for the price of one.

Circuit City – So what if they’re out of business? It wasn’t Da Coach’s fault.  I blame Elway!!!

Not to mention his own line of products:

Ditka’s Kick Ass Red – my favorite commercial of the bunch is the most low-budget of the bunch!

Ditka’s Grille Pork Burgers – what’s a party without some of Da Coach’s meat?

Mike Ditka’s Hall of Fame Salsa – when I first saw this, I thought the sombrero had to be photoshopped in.

Upon further review…

I think Da Coach actually donned a poncho and sombrero.  He’s committed to the role!

Cigars – If it’s good enough for Da Coach, how could it be banned in restaurants and bars?

Supplements – in case the Levitra, wine and cigars don’t get it done, try these.  Puts on new spin on “Performance Enhancement Drugs”

Ditka has come a long way from his humble beginnings in the early days when Papa Bear handed over the keys to the kingdom.

Besides all of the products, he’s got the chain of Ditka’s Restaurants, the Mike Ditka Resorts and countless other hot sauces, cheeses and specialty products.  I’m sure if you asked Da Coach, he’d probably take the most pride in his charitable work with Gridiron Greats.   I don’t know about you, but I’m buying whatever he’s selling, gang!!!

Da Coach!!!

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