Donald Driver latest to bash Bears Receivers


I’m already sick of it. The 2009 season hasn’t even started and the questions about the Chicago Bears wide receiver position appear endless. It doesn’t matter where you turn – the radio, TV, newspapers, magazines, Twitter – everyone is quick to remind Bears fans that the Bears have no chance this season because they don’t have any wide receivers for new QB Jay Cutler to throw to. The latest to chime in was Donald Driver, wide receiver for the hated Packers, while on ESPN 1000 Chicago with Waddle and Silvy:

"“They don’t have a receiver,” Driver said on the “Waddle & Silvy” show on ESPN 1000. “They don’t have any true receivers that step up and play and take their team to where they want to go."

"“I love Devin, and Devin knows that, but Devin plays [defensive back]. I don’t think he’s just a solid receiver right now. He may become one as years go on, but it doesn’t happen overnight.”"

I don’t understand Donald’s motivation here.  Is it to add some fire to Devin Hester’sbelly?  Is it to provide some bulletin board material for the Bears wide receiver meeting room?   Maybe he’s lobbying to get out of Green Bay and offering his services here.  Either way, I would like to remind Mr. Driver that on September 13th, you will likely be going across the middle on a slant or crossing route.  Just remember to keep your head on a swivel!  I am sure the Urlacher and Ogunleye will be looking for #80!

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