Chicago Bears Kicker Robbie Gould will be rooting for… Packer Aaron Rodgers?!?!


Chicago Bears kicker Robbie Gould will be rooting for rival Green Bay Packers QB Aaron Rogers this season.   At least he will in his Fantasy Football league.  The NFL Players Association is running a fantasy football league and Chicago Bears Gould and RB Matt Forte are among seven player participants.  Let’s look at how the Bears picks shaped up:

Robbie Gould – Chicago Bears (K)

Rd. 1 (4) – Maurice Jones-Drew, RB (JAC)
Rd. 2 (13) – Aaron Rodgers, QB (GB)
Rd. 3 (20) – Brandon Jacobs, RB (NYG)
Rd. 4 (29) – Reggie Wayne, WR (IND)
Rd. 5 (36) – Steve Smith, WR (CAR)
Rd. 6 (45) – CHI Defense
Rd. 7 (52) – Chris Cooley, TE (WAS)
Rd. 8 (61) – David Garrard, QB (JAC)
Rd. 9 (68) – John Kasay, K (CAR)
Rd. 10 (77) – DeSean Jackson, WR (PHI)
Rd. 11 (84) – Cedric Benson, RB (CIN)
Rd. 12 (93) – Kyle Orton, QB (DEN)
Rd. 13 (100) – Devin Hester, WR (CHI)

Matt Forté – Chicago Bears (RB)

Rd. 1 (5) – Chris Johnson, RB (TEN)
Rd. 2 (12) – Larry Fitzgerald, WR (ARI)
Rd. 3 (21) – Steve Slaton, RB (HOU)
Rd. 4 (28) – Matt Schaub, QB (HOU)
Rd. 5 (37) – Jay Cutler, QB (CHI)
Rd. 6 (44) – Greg Olsen, TE (CHI)
Rd. 7 (53) – NYG Defense
Rd. 8 (60) – Robbie Gould, K (CHI)
Rd. 9 (69) – Chad Ochocinco, WR (CIN)
Rd. 10 (76) – Pierre Thomas, RB (NO)
Rd. 11 (85) – Eddie Royal, WR (DEN)
Rd. 12 (92) – Vincent Jackson, WR (SD)
Rd. 13 (101) – Darren Sproles, RB (SD)

Some of the highlights from their draft:

  • Forte was drafted #3 by fellow running back, the Miami Dolphin’s Ronnie Brown.
  • Gould grabbed Rodgers in the second round.   I think that’s a little high, especially for a division rival’s QB. 
  • Forte did draft Jay Cutler in the 5th round, but only after grabbing Matt Schaub in the 4th round.   Where’s the love for your new QB?
  • Gould still thinks the Bears DST are a hot pick, selecting them in the 6th round.
  • Forte grabbed Cutler’s #1 target, TE Greg Olsen, in the 6th round and after picking the NYG DST in the 7th round, picked up teammate and fantasy opponent Gould in the 8th round.  
  • Gould showed some love to ex-teammates Cedric Benson and Kyle Orton, taking them in the 11th and 12th rounds respectively.   I didn’t like his team before I saw these picks, but drafting Benson sealed the deal – I hate his team. 
  • Gould closed out his draft by taking current teammate Devin Hester in round 13.   Hester lasted all the way to the 13th round?   He’s the Bears #1 receiver!?!?
  • I didn’t know Forte had the ‘é ‘ in his name.  Is that the correct spelling or is that a typo on the NFLPA website?

This from Vaughn McClure’s nugget on this in his Let’s Talk about 6 article:

"Forte is participating in the NFL Players Association’s fantasy football league and drafted Cutler as his quarterback, keeping their relationship on solid ground. Kicker Robbie Gould, another one of the seven player participants, chose Packers QB Aaron Rodgers and ex-Bears QB Kyle Orton. “Fantasy-wise, Rodgers was a heck of a pick,” Gould said. “Let’s just hope it doesn’t happen for him on the weeks we’re playing them.”"

But what, Robbie, let’s hope he does great the other 14 weeks?  What the heck?  You should be rooting for him to slip and fall on some mild cheddar up there in Cheeseland and be on the shelf for the season!

I try to adhere to a no Packers and no Vikings policy on my fantasy teams.  (I would say no Lions, but they’re so awful, that usually takes care of itself).  It’s just too hard to root for division rivals.  It’s where the potential monetary gains of fantasy football walk a fine like with my rooting interest for the Beloved.   I try never to cross the streams.

We all know that this is just fantasy football and it’s for fun, but if their own teammates don’t think enough of them to take them as the #1 quarterback and wide receiver, why should we believe that Cutler and Hester are going to lead the Bears offense to new heights?   Should I be nervous?

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