G.I. Joe: The Rise of… The Fridge?


With G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra coming out on Friday, it made me think back to my youth and my favorite G.I. Joe character, William “The Refrigerator” Perry. Don’t remember The Fridge’s run with the Joe’s?  Check out this 80s-riffic commercial from Perry’s heyday. 

Here are the specs on The Fridge per Yo Joe, the GI Joe collector’s club.

"Physical Training InstructorCode Name:The FridgeFigure Description:The Fridge – William “Refridgerator” Perry – was first available as a mail-order offer from Hasbro Direct in late 1986. He was available through 1987, and then again in 1989.Versions of Fridge:This was the only version of the Fridge ever released.Accessories:Fridge came with a black football attached to a chain.Variations:There are two versions of the Fridge’s belt – one version is silver, the other is brown.There are also two versions of the red, white, and blue paint patterns on the Fridge’s wristbands.There are two versions of Fridge’s filecard. The early ones that came from Hasbro Direct have a dull, cardboard backing – later ones that came from Hasbro Direct has a glossy red backing.Body Construction:Fridge’s body is completely original – all new body parts. None of his parts were ever used in other figures."

I’m as big a Fridge fan as there is, but let’s compare the action figure to the  legendary Bears folk hero.

Something missing in that action figure?  They’re being a little generous with the physique, don’t ya think?  I need to get Hasbro to make an action figure of me!  But while they were at it, they couldn’t fill the gap between Perry’s teeth?  I haven’t seen a gap like that since Strahan retired!  And what’s with the football on a chain weapon?  What the heck is that supposed to do?

All kidding aside, Perry has been battling a rare disease called Guillain-Barre syndrome, where the body’s immune system attacks its peripheral nerves.  He’s been recovering slowly in South Carolina with brother Michael Dean overseeing his care.  Wish you a speedy recovery, Fridge!


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