Bears Totally Flake Out on Depth Chart


The Bears released their “depth chart” on Tuesday night, already a day later than had been promised to the media.  Let’s have a look at an excerpt, shall we?

No huge surprises – Jay Cutler’s the #1 QB, Brian Urlacher is the first string MLB.  But they failed to shed some light on of the key position battles and used the old ‘/’ to name ‘co-starters’.  For example:

LDE Adewale Ogunleye / Mark Anderson
NT Anthony Adams / Dusty Dvoracek / Marcus Harrison
RDE Alex Brown / Mark Anderson
SLB Pisa Tinoisamoa / Nick Roach / Jamar Williams
LCB Trumaine McBride / Corey Graham

It’s nice they tried to reward Mark Anderson for a good camp by naming him costarter at both DE positions, but really, is he the starter or not?  It’s bad enough they have some ties, but 3-way ties for the Nose Tackle and Strong Side Linebacker slots?   Give me a break!

Maybe if a Marcus Harrison sees himself as 2nd or 3rd string on the depth chart, he sets down the fork andtakes a couple of extra laps around the field after practice to drop those extra pounds?  Maybe Corey Graham gets a little extra motivation seeing his name behind Trumaine McBride as the left cornerback? 

What is this, Pop Warner football?  Does everyone have to get a certain number of plays or their parents will call Lovie Smith to complain?  These are grown men and professionals who deserve to know where they stand.  What’s the point of a “depth chart” if it doesn’t show any depth?  I think what the Bears released was just a chart.


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