Michael Vick to Bears? Not so fast TMZ!


The Twitter-verse was ablaze on Wednesday afternoon with tweets coming from all angles about the TMZ video showing Michael Vick in Chicago’s O’Hare airport on Tuesday night.  Was he coming to Chicago to sign with the Bears?  Lovie Smith’s close friend and Michael Vick mentor Tony Dungy has alluded that he expects the rehabilitated QB will sign with an NFL team within the next week.  Could the Vick saga be coming to an end in Chicago?   Not so fast, TMZ.

Vick was in town on Wednesday to speak to kids about the evils of dogfighting.  I can imagine his speech might go something like this, “Yo kids, if you get mixed up in dogfighting it will cost you millions of dollars.  It ain’t right.”

Here’s a statement from the Humane Society on Wednesday’s visit:

"“Today, Michael Vick joined me for a community education program for at-risk youth at the Liberation Christian Center in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood. Leaders of The Humane Society of the United States’ End Dogfighting campaign and a number of church leaders throughout the area also attended. We spoke with dozens of young people, and Michael shared his story, expressed remorse for his actions, urged the community to stand up to dogfighting, and asked them to help with the campaign,” said HSUS CEO Wayne Pacelle.“I was heartened to see these kids sitting on the edge of their seats as they listened to speakers convey that dogfighting is wrong. This practice is inhumane, and it is a dead end street for anyone who takes it up as a hobby or livelihood. Our program already deploys former dogfighters, and they have demonstrated a special ability to relate to at-risk kids and steer them in our direction. We also have dog experts in the program who work with the young men and their dogs and show them that there are alternatives to fighting, such as behavior work and agility training.“We look forward to hosting more of these prevention programs, and also to continuing our work with law enforcement to end dogfighting anywhere it exists in this country.”)"

So all you crazy PETA folks can continue to circle the runway, waiting for a place to land the Michael Vick Protest Tour.  In the meantime, I’m in no way backing off my stance that Michael Vick to the Bears is a bad idea, (and that was BEFORE the Bears landed JC) but try this angle on for size.  If the Bears brought Vick to town, Jay Cutler suddenly becomes second banana.  He could do his thing while Vick takes on all of the media frenzy.  It will never happen, but it’s an interesting thought to take the pressure off Cutler.


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